Friday, June 30, 2006

Liberal Excesses.

The Independence Day Weekend approaches like a heat-seeking missile.

And what better way to spend this hallowed holiday than by celebrating our tradition of "Liberal Excesses."

For starters, here's how my next couple days are booked:
• Observe, then perform, several abortions.
• Attend a flag-burning party.
• Celebrate the Destruction of Marriage As We Know It.
• Try to figure out what the hell that means.
• Destroy my marriage by getting involved in Gay Relationship, then marry said Gay Person.
• Sharpen my fangs.
• Drink excessively.
• Beat up some strippers.
• Raise questions about my own voting record.
• Seek out "Man-On-Dog" Sex.
• Prove that I am more dangerous than the terrorists.
• Celebrate Judicial Activism.
• Worship Far-Left Wing activities in Kendall County.

And that's just for starters...

I will be making some changes and putting up some more posts over the weekend as I find time in my very busy schedule, so please come on back and visit.

I guarantee fireworks!


Anonymous said...

Looks like YD Bens idea of a good time

Anonymous said...

Hey look it Demolapiza

Anonymous said...

Is there a fighting Democratic in the house we need a hero.

Anonymous said...

HRC, just thought I could help you out on a few of these:

Observe, then perform, several abortions. - Too bad you couldn't have observed this from the fetus perspective. The only problem with choice is sometimes people make the wrong one.

Destroy my marriage by getting involved in Gay Relationship, then marry said Gay Person. - I doubt your ugly fat ass could attract a straight person let alone a gay person.

Seek out "Man-On-Dog" Sex. - Look no further than your own bedroom

Prove that I am more dangerous than the terrorists. - You are not dangerous to anybody, your grandiose delusions are pathetic.

Beat up some strippers. - The stripper would probably beat you up and there would be a police report and possibly a news story that could be easily verified. Of course there is not, because unfortunatly you did not get beaten up by stripper.

Just a few thoughts on your weekend plans. Have a happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

This post is a perfect example of someone who gets their opinions from cliche-spouting partisan media. You forgot the part about hippies and hairy legs.
Seriously, I'm so disappointed at such mindlessness.
When the heck was the last time there was a spate of flag-burnings? Uh, the 1970s?
How, exactly, will gay marriage destroy YOUR marriage? That's a serious question and if you can answer it you might make a convert of me.
Why is it "judicial activism" when it's a ruling you disagree with, but "justice" when it's a ruling you support?
Man-on-dog sex? More dangerous than terrorists? Drink excessively? (I was unaware this was a partisan problem.)
Are you capable of a reasoned argument or even an original thought? I'll wait while you consult your dog-eared copy of Rush Limbaugh For Dummies.