Tuesday, November 01, 2005

You Say Alito, I Say Elite-o...

George W. Bush has completely eliminated the Republican ability to use the term "Liberal Elite" with this nomination.

Why is that? Because what he has done over the past five years has created a new permanent establishment in Washington, D.C. that is likely to take Democrats a generation to correct.

From career public service employees (at all levels) at State, Justice and EPA who elected to walk away from the malevolence and incompetence they were subjected to in the workplace, and now the Supreme Court, George W. Bush has successfully left the mark of his utterly fear-driven Elitist administration on America.

This is when Denny Hastert shows his true stripes. His multi million-dollar press operation has been mum since Ron Bonjean posted his "Why I Hate the Media" on the Speaker's Urinal last Friday.

Hastert says nothing. And "The Coach's" silence is very telling.

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