Monday, October 31, 2005

Note to Ron Bonjean:

For the next press release alarm that comes up in your planner:
Write something about issues that matter. And while you're at it, tell your webmaster to get rid of that stupid, God-Damned countdown on the Speaker's start page. I'm working on my own: "10 - Number of stalls in the garage Denny built on his property to house some of his antique car collection..."

For the next blog entry alarm that pops up in said planner:
Write something that at least makes it sound like the Speaker isn't a dopey old fart. Nearly impossible, I know, but nobody's buying the homespun old coach thing anymore.

And while you're still trying to strip off the shellacking that you got when you were mouthing for Trent Lott, remember that you're not supposed to show what an ugly political animal J. Dennis really is.

Thanks for your attention.

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