Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Denny: Call Omar.

Omar the tentmaker is about to get some business, because Denny Hastert is going to need something mighty big to cover his ass, now that the shit has started to rain down on his skinny little brother, Fristy.

Fristy was just choking on his heart a minute ago in front of the camera. In one breath, he stated that Reid's action in taking the Senate behind closed doors to discuss Plamegate and its relationship to the Iraq invasion was appropriate and "in accordance with the Senate rules." Then, apoplexy set in as he called in "inappropriate," "a stunt," a "dirty trick," and a "personal affront."

Oh, my.

Watch for two things to happen: Fristy is going to declare Martial Law in the Senate by invoking the Nuclear Option and denying Democrats the filibuster.

House Democrats are going to start pissing on somebody else's legs for a change.

Hey, Denny: You and your skinny little brother fucked us on energy, bankruptcy, environment, threat of tax reform and the dissolution of Social Security. Get ready to get yourself fucked right back. Now we're going to start using the rules to move a meaningful agenda.

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