Thursday, November 17, 2005


Here's a sample of Denny the Blooger's bog that has millions of readers absolutely magnetized this week:
    House Happenings This Week
    posted by Denny Hastert @ 9:19am (11/2/05) | Section: Speaker’s Posts

    Hi to all you out there.

    Welcome back to my blog. I hope everyone had a safe Halloween. And I would like to offer my condolences again to the family of Rosa Parks. She gave a lot to our nation and her legacy lives on.

    There has been a lot going on since I last checked in. Democrats are busy saying no to every proposal out there. Those of us in the House GOP are busy in another way. We’re passing legislation. We’re getting work done.

    Today we’re taking up the Online Freedom of Speech Act. It’s a good bill. Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate are supporting it.

Among the four posts there (that's the total since it went up), two are supposedly entered by Hastert.


Anonymous said...

I entirely disagree!

There’s at least one interesting aspect to Denny’s (maybe?) most recent post.

Did anyone else find anything peculiar about the hand configuration in the foreground of Denny’s picture?

At first I just took it as a juvenile stunt, like trying to get your picture in the high school yearbook “shooting the bird.”

But on second thought, I’m not sure that I know what that finger configuration represents?

Are there any Satan worshipers out there that can give us a definitive answer?


Anonymous said...

Another interesting aspect to Denny’s blog is that it gives no indication that the ‘Bridges to Nowhere’ are about to hit the cutting-room floor.

(See today’s New York Times:

Will the ‘U-turn to Nowhere’ – aka, The Prairie Parkway – be next?

I imagine if you’re coming from Milwaukee, take a wrong-turn in Chicago, and after about an hour realize that DeKalb and Davenport are not on your way to Cleveland – the Prairie Parkway could come in handy.

Otherwise, the Prairie Parkway in nothing more than a $212 million maneuver to turn what remains of Kane, Kendall and Will counties into subdivisions and strip-malls – and to make a very few people filthy rich.

The solution to the ‘Bridges to Nowhere’ appears to be just turning the $442 million over to the state of Alaska with “no strings attached.”

For those of you that who live 50 miles out, or so, from Chicago, and can still stick your nose out the door and not smell exhaust fumes, or occasionally see a star in the sky, it would probably be better to just kill the ‘U-turn to Nowhere’, and stuff the $212 million directly in Dennis Hastert’s pocket “with no strings attached” – because that’s where half of it will probably end up, anyway.