Monday, November 14, 2005

Can You Spot Hastert's Weakness?

See if you can spot in his voting record one single little, eensie-weensie tiny vote that shows Denny's Gigantic Weakness.

I can't even hint, it's so obvious.

OK. There are really, like, five issues, that show what an idiot he is, but one looms large.

One issue. Come on.


Anonymous said...

I give up . . . you’ve got me?

I’ve looked over every position and vote, and can’t see the crack in Hastert’s extreme right-wing fa├žade.

In fact, I meticulously compared Hastert’s voting record with Tom Delay’s, and can’t see where they’ve voted against one another, even once, since 1998 when Hastert became Speaker.

Don’t be mistaken by the fact that Hastert has only voted “Yes” or “No” half as many times as Tom Delay -- very little comes to a vote in the House without Hastert’s support.

Hastert just happens to have this nifty little subterfuge of voting “Speaker” when the outcome is assured, and he suspects the legislation is so outrageous that it may offend the sensibilities of some of his Illinois constituency.

Yes, there’s a strong possibility the 14th Congressional District would find the decency to vote someone as loathsome as Tom Delay out of office, but they keep on electing him –- by proxy –- nevertheless.

My apologies, if I misunderstood the question?

Anonymous said...

Well perhaps it's that he voted for the monstrous oil company handout called Bush's 'energy policy', which he knew had been drafted by the energy execs themselves, and then opened up his own little blog and decried those big meanies over at the oil companies for profiteering, saying he was going to ask them some hard questions.

And then sat dumb while they laughed at the impunity of suggestions that more refineries be built in the US.