Friday, November 18, 2005

The Pig at the Trough.

This is the kind of stuff that has made me so sick and God-Damned tired of Denny Hastert.

There are so many questions that I could throw out, but underneath it all is the really big one:

If campaign finance has not been turned into a grand, "legalized" form of money-laundering, why in the world does a guy like Denny Hastert, who wins 3:1 in his safe district, need a $100,000 donation from a crooked, smarmy little bastard like Jack Abramoff.

OK. That's a really loaded "single" question, but you just can't distill one issue from all Denny Hastert's crooked dealings.

And the really amazing part: He won't even answer the charges. And as I continue to point out, his answer to everything is, "Hey, I'm out of the loop."

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