Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hastert Slams Pelosi, Democrats on Innovation

Call him the Anti-Innovation, Anti-Technology Speaker.

Nancy Pelosi unveils a plan for putting government squarely behind innovation and technology by providing broadband "no more than a keystroke or a mouse click away from the jobs and opportunity broadband both creates and supports," and gets slammed by Hastert.

Funny, when George W. Bush announced a more expensive plan in April 2004, Denny Hastert was mum. The following week, he OK'd Bush's $50 Billion request for military expenditures in Iraq.

Honestly now. Isn't that tired old "tax and spend" saw getting just a little worn out?

Denny Hastert has taxed and spent the middle class of this country into a future of ruin, piling up a national debt that will be well beyond $10 trillion by the time he and George W. Bush are out of office.


Anonymous said...

Here’s the real scoop folks …

The thing that busted Hastert’s balls (aside Pelosi and the Democrats suggesting it) is that cheap, high-speed, wireless internet, is -- and has been -- possible for quite some time. But the Republicans -- in cahoots with the phone in cable companies -- are trying to keep their monopolies and charge you up the kazoo for service (bend over, smile, and then say thank you.)

Community wireless internet service is a reality. It just takes a few out-of-Republican-control techies and some community initiative.

It’s happened down the road from you in Champaign and they’re trying to set one up in Chicago.

I won’t continue to repeat what’s been said better elsewhere.

Follow the link for an introduction to Community Internet:


And to see what big-money is doing in Illinois to keep you from having it, check this out:


Finally, if you’re wondering why all you hear on the TV and radio is bullshit, and what you can do about it, you might want to become acquainted with Robert McChesney and the Media Reform Movement:


HRC said...

Good stuff. Thanks for the comments.