Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Crooked Line Leads To Denny.

At once, anyone looking at a map of the proposed Hastert Highway can see what a crooked dog-leg trail it makes through Kendall County. Odd, isn't it?

I've noted before the connection Hastert and his cronies have to John Menard, and what a big coincidence it seemed that the final plan for the HH would run past Menard's warehouse outside Plano.

Thanks to Yinn's post, I've had a number of good leads confirmed by this writer at citybarbs.

This is absolutely essential reading.

Two thoughts to follow up, though. 1: If I were Mr. Dan Kenney of DeKalb, I would get a dog and a gun and watch myself. 2: I would get one motherfucker of an attorney to walk that information to the press and to Governor Rod Blagojevich, who it is rumored, is looking for a reason to spend Hastert's $207 Million on other projects.


Anonymous said...

I think Yinn is as stupid as that moron Running against Hasert. If you have the proof big mouth go to Lisa Madigan. Put your money where your mouth is Don't tell the public high school gossip. If the people that are mentioned are guilty of a crime then go if not keep your mouth shout these are prime examples of why the Democratic Party looks stupid because of moronic examples like this.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Land is appreciating in Kendall County. No shit. Hastert's buddies are making money, as are his enemies who happen to be property owners, and every farmer with 40 acres along IL 126, every bungalow owner in Plano along US 34, the hardware store owner in Oswego, and even the folks down by Lisbon and Newark. All because of that Prareeee Parkway that will be finished in 15 years, yesssirree. If it weren't for that, Kendall would still be a sleepy little county.

Yeah, right.