Friday, May 05, 2006

Simply Out of Control.

To everyone who woke up to the news that the vice president is baiting the Russians again, whose leaders and former leaders are sending back the message that they won't be pushed around.

No, no... You didn't wake up in the 50s... although your Republican leadership has been trying desperately to turn back the clock since 1994.

It's just Cheney again.

Seems like when this asshole isn't shooting the face off of his "friend," he's shooting his fucking crazy big mouth off again.

And no one believed me when I said he's an overweight drunk with a bad heart...


Spc. Freeman said...

You know, I remember a passage in Orwell's "1984" that talked about a war rally where the name of the military opponent was literally changed mid-speech, and yet nobody but the protagonist seemed to noticed. Am I the only one who notices similar tricks by our own Administration? Is our collective memory so short that we miss this little manipulations of political language?

Spc. Freeman said...

*notice. Sorry about the typo.