Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Never Say Never.

I am not ready -- nor will I be before election day -- to call the House for Democrats. It is heartening that Americans are beginning to finally favor Democrats over Republicans by nearly 2-1 to govern; seen as trustworthy to deal with gas prices, the economy, etc.

I just am not convinced Democrats won't find a way to fuck this up before it's over. I've seen it before.

If the local "committee" is any indication, we're in trouble. These stupid fuckers won't even have a meeting, it appears, because they haven't figured out where to meet yet.

They also appear to be equally adept at attracting new people to their "forums" (more like a message system that saves them from using the phone...)

It could be a long six months.


The Evil Reverend said...

"If you don't stand for something, you're goin to fall for anything"

John Mellencamp

I hate quoting pop stars, but sometimes it fits. As long as our party keeps listening to the yahoo faction (ie Dennis Kucinich, Birch Society, etc) we're doomed to be the party of inclusive yet non-effectiveness.

I hate to say this but we are a ship without a rudder. Great engines, and a lofty mission, but no idea how to get there. The "contract with america" was a pack of lies, but it provided the republicans with the focus needed to take over all three branches of government. We need a clear goal other than "We're not the other guys!"

This attitude was exemplified by the nomination of the only person on the planet capable of loosing to shrub, as well as the coup here in Kendall. The only difference is that Jim Birch is a very spitefull person and Kerry is just milqutoast.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but we Dems have done it again. I can't think of anyone less qualified to represent the 14th than John Laesch...he's Denny's dream candidate and a guarantee that Republicans will retain the 14th CD seat -- the 6th doesn't look all that rosy either, despite Rahm's best efforts. So perhaps, in addition, to a coherent platform, Dems ought to think twice about who they nominate. And no, I'm not a Republican.