Friday, September 15, 2006

Return of the Unremitting Asshole.

I concluded long ago that Tony Snow is an asshole, but never did I actually believe that he was as fucking bananas as the rest of the Right Wing nutzoids out there.

To have George W. Bush stand up in front of a crowd of reporters now, more than at any other time (especially with Bush's recent admission of secret CIA global torture operations, and his insistence on creation of new law to allow him to legally move forward with ambiguity), presents a simple mathematical equation:
Bush > Stupid.

The president's treatment of the press is usually capricious, and at the least, harsh and dismissive. Today, however, it is clear that George W. Bush is nothing more than an uremitting asshole; a doltish and cavalier prick; a lazyspeak ne'er do well who is so unhappy with himself that he must constantly lash out at others until his energy is gone.

He talks in circles. His lazyspeak "ta" when he means "to" is indicative of the kind phoney, rich Connecticut-prep-school-boy-turned-Texan that he is. His treatment of the press, in general, and of NBC's David Gregory in particular, is so far removed from what a President of the United States should be... words now fail me.

Here's a tip to Tony Snow: the next time you want to put the president in front of a camera, just call each member of the press in your little rolodex and simply tell them to sit the fuck down, go the Hell home and fuck off. You don't need them. And you don't need the public seeing this dry drunk pretending to be a leader any longer.

There's no room for more questions about why this dolt's public ratings are sinking like a kamikaze over an aircraft carrier.


Political Insider said...

Here, Here!!!!

I can't belive this idiot still thinks that anyone is still buying his shit.

But look on the bright side. This bill must be in serious trouble if he has to resort to a press conference where we can all see the unmitigated audacity of the Comander-in-Thief.

"Holy Shit, pass the Tylenol" A. Griswold

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they are trying to Laesch the people!!! Just like the republican think tank to divide and conquer.

justhonestly said...

What I want to know is Which Democrat is CHOKING OFF ALL OF THE MONEY AND SUPPORT to all of the Dems running for office in the Fucking shit ass State? Is it Rahm E - Manuel?

Who is fucking with our campaigns?

Could Hastert have that much pull?

Does anyone know?

Political Insider said...

Not all of the dems are being underfunded. Just the ones that either have no chance, or are too scary for prime-time.

First timers with little campaigning experience, jerks and the ever present nut-jobs are not getting the love they want. The reason is that campaigns are expensive and there is only so much money to go around. The dems are not the poster children of the moneyed few, so getting cash is hard. Then, the DCCC has to decide where the money is best spent.

John Leasch thinks he should get it, but he won't for 3 reasons:

1) He is too inexperienced to know what to do with it.

2) he has worked against his own party (see Chicago Reader article for clarification)

3) He's a nut job (read his blog, and other postings, the dude is certifiable)

Put up a good canidate, one that KNOWS that he/she has to spend almost every waking hour shaking voters hands, one that has won some sort of race, and the cash will flow.

There seems to be some sort of perception amungst local canidates that they don't have to walk doors every day. Then again, they seem happy loosing, so maybe they don't. The fact is that if you talk to canidates who win, the only thing they will ALL say is that they walked doors every day meeting voters.

Enough with the bitching about money. Show me a canidate who is REALLY serious and is willing to REALLY work his ass off, and I'll open my walet. none of the local ass clones are willing to put in the hard work to get elected. If they can't do that now, then just imagine what lazy pricks they'll become once elected.

I see this as a good thing, and a sign that the DCCC isn't wasting my contribution.

Anonymous said...

Like Laural Balt?

Anonymous said...

Frank Craig has walked more precincts than any other dem state senate candidate in the state. Door to door is the only way to get elected.

Anonymous said...

Both Linda Holmes and Frank Craig are working hard to get elected. Laural Balt is a great candiate and is working hard. We have some really great candiates who are doing a great job. We will make inroads and we will have a great election.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Laurel worked real hard to get on the ballot. She's worked so hard for the money & support the Crime Boss Mike Madigan has given to her.

Anonymous said...

Frank Craig has nothing better to do. That's why he has time to walk around. He works two hours a day. We all know what he does with the rest of his time...

Anonymous said...

Craig is going to send the most ineffective state senator Springfield has ever seen into an early retirement. Lauzen hasn't done anything for anyone and he can't hide from his pitiful record.

Anonymous said...

Frank Craig is a strong candiate with a great back ground in bussiness, and community involvement. Frank is truly some one we can get behind.

Anonymous said...

I would like to take the time to thank Frank (or his cronies) for appearing here.

I like Frank myself, but these posts ae smelling mighty fishy.

At least I was able to figgure out who the person is that keeps dis-ing Frank. It has to be one of JDLs cronies since it all started when Frank told JDL to go fuck himself.

I'll vote for Frank just because of that alone. At least he's not some perverted sex addict like JDL.

Philosophe Forum said...

Currently, the DCCC completely ignores and refuses to support more than 100 Democratic Congressional candidates in this election cycle. The excuses are varied, too. Candidates have heard it is a waste of the DCCC's time and resources to lift a finger unless they walk through the door with $300,000. Others have heard $700,000. The organization also feels it is too expensive to provide candidates with a list of potential campaign contributors until the candidates prove they can raise money on their own in their congressional districts -- regardless of the income level.

Not that the voters are hearing the truth from the party either. Friends of Kerry are phone banking as much as possible everyday to raise money for competitive Congressional and Senatorial races throughout the country. This how it goes:

1. The DCCC does not give any form of support to the candidates they choose to ignore.
2. Representatives call potential donors and tell them that they are working with the DCCC to identify said races.
3. Representative callers then tell potential donors that some of that money will be coming back to the district to help the candidate.
4. Finally, the representative callers use the candidate's name to get contributions from potential donors with no intention of helping the district candidate at all.

In the end, the reality is far worse than people realize. The DCCC ignores committed, credible, viable candidates. The organization refuses to support them in any way. To add insult to injury, the DCCC actively takes money away from the ignored, unsupported campaigns. The Party's well-established little golden rule of only the rich, self-funded can apply is an abomination in IL-11, IL-15, & IL-19. Even Steve Waterworth in heavily gerrymandered IL-18 would see 45% of the votes with a little support. After the blunders that Weller, Johnson (when he's not drunk or high), Shimkus, & LaHood are famous for, they're losing support fast. Many Republican voters will stay home. Democrats won't be familiar with their candidates because there's no money for bare minimum mailers & media buys.

For IL-19, the word is that the Madison Co. Dems already have a candidate they want to run against Shimkus in 2008 and therefore are not providing any support money to Danny. This means they are wiling to let a Bush rubber stamp, Shimkus, retain his seat. Shimkus is rated as the 18th most conservative Republican in Congress. He even voted for the Dubai port deal and is against stem cell research. Danny Stover is a candidate who will represent the people and not rubber stamp anyone.

The Democratic Party -- It began as the Party of Inclusion. It has become the Party of Exclusion. Not what Thomas Jefferson had in mind. The DCCC's excuses for creating a disengenuous elite congressional club do not work. For real change, Democratic Party attitudes and behaviors have to change (stop lying to voters is a good start!).

no to craig said...

Oakay Rueben you go ahead and support Craig. You'll support anyone who tells Laesch to fuckhimself. You're a weirdo and are a terrible loser. The next time you get your braces tightened have the doc look inside your head.

You look like a 12 year old with those braces on yo?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Philosophe... That is how the corruption in politics works. Laesch is ignored by the DCCC. This is a pervasive problem which, I beleive comes from Illinois Politics. Rahm learned this stategy from Mike "short shot" Madigan the midwest crime boss for the democratic party. Philosophe, have you noticed that the same is true for about 150 Candidates for State races in Illinois? They - The Crime family in Springfield - raise money and none of it gets to the candidates.

Crooks - every one of them. I'm voting the bums out in november.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well John Laesch looks like something from the movie rug rats.

Anonymous said...

Hey no to craig (leasch looser)

Nice try. You folks in the "Leasch-is-a-viable-canidate" camp all seem to think that JDL is only disliked by Ruben Z and his staff.

Here's a news flash.. Ruben didn't have a chance either, but at least he played honestly.

No, I'm not him, not his manager, and in fact, didn't support him.

You folks are the largest bunch of self-rightous, sanctimonious, near-sighted, half-wit, no-balls, loudmouth, crude, basement-dwelling, victim-mentality, uninformed, mouth-breathing, low-IQ, do-nothing, know-nothing, half-cocked, pocket-protector-wearing, backward-thinking, pathetic wastes of oxygen our planet has produced to date. (I'm holding back since I don't want to stretch their limits of understanding).

You idiots have wasted OVER 100 Grand on an idiot who has raised no issues, torn apart a party, not kept Denny in his district, and has sucked support, money and manpower from some other viable canidates out here -even discounting- Frank Craig since you are so pissed at him. You folks should BE ASHAMED at what you've done. None of you will EVER get a job in politics after this. There isn't a winner out there who would touch you folks with a 10 foot stick.

Think about Nov 8.. JDL has lost by a resounding margin. Denny announces his retirement. Tom Cross is running to replace him as is Linda Chappa LaVia, for the open seat. Where are you going to be? With JDLs 2nd loosing bid? LCLV won't want you folks with her. Maybe you'll do all the dems a favor and go to work for Tom Cross. With your insight and skills the dems will walk away with it.

JDL said that HRC is Mark Blackman and you say that I'm Ruben Zamora.

Wrong both times.

Go back to your circle-jerk and stop wasting donors money you fools.

Tom Brophy said...

Philosphe....WELL SAID!! Madigan and Emanuel are both pieces of work...(thought I was going somewhere else - dind't you!).

I've said this in the past and still believe it's true - and Richie Daley is in this up to his eyeballs as well. None of those guys want their "speaker" to go away. He brings them the things they want (like O'Hare expansion). Too bad fat Denny can't do the same for his own District. I have to ask how "viable" was Duckworth BEFORE the DCCC poured tons of money into her campaign? It's a sad truth - without money you can't campaign as effectively as those who have it (so why is campaign reform bad - please tell me, Denny).

It seems to me that the DCCC id doing exactly the opposite of what they should be doing...what ever happened to Democrats getting behind good candidates - please explain to me why you have to be a "sure winner" before the DNC, DCCC, DSCC, or even the state Democratic Party will get behind a candidate? It's very disheartening. That's why those who give a damn about a candidate need to work that much harder to get that candidates message out. Gianoullias (like Obama 2 years ago) was ignored like the bastard step child until he won (like Obama). Good candidates can overcome the "party bosses" - it takes hard work, dedication, and MONEY.

This entire situation just pisses me off - makes me say "ENOUGH".... I could go on about this forever...

To "no to craig"...Ruben is a good guy. Anyone who met will say the same thing. Frank Craig is also a good guy and a great candidate. He works and walks his ass off and has earned our support (that is - if you are a democrat).

to anon...I hope Chapa LaVia runs in 2008 - then she can kick the crap out of your young repugs and Tom Cross....

Anonymous said...

This just in Tom Brophy is leaving the JDL campagin to offically start the Lavia for congress campagin. Tom we salute you sgat major you are the play of the weak.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Tom Brophy anyway?

Anonymous said...

Just a nut case that thinks that ANYONE in the Democratic party actually wants Denny to keep his seat.

This sounds like those conspiracy theorists that claim that the Bush administration actuall brought down the towers for their own political purposes. Grow-up. The fact is that there are too many WINABLE races nationwide to focus on to spend anything other than lip service on JDL.

This sounds like the end of Peter Pan, the version of the play that was on PBS for years. At the end, Sandy Duncan looks to the audience and tells us that if we really belive, Tinkerbell will be saved. JDL is Tinkerbell and Tom Brophey is Sandy Duncan. Most of us grew up and left never-never land.

For more insight, read Tuesdays Beacon News.

Anonymous said...

Will the real Tom Brophy pleas stand UP :
"Finally, Mr. HRC - and I do like the Haster re-election committee remark - you seem to know a lot about Kendall County Democratic politics - only I believe that you suffer from a few ailments - 1) You are deaf in one ear and blind in one eye or 2) You have your head burried so far up your ass that you will never see sunshine. It's very clear to me that you only see that which you choose to see and only hear that which you choose to hear. You are more like Marty Flowers than I like. Then again, your spelling and use of the language is far better than Marty's...BTW...I find it interesting that Marty's printing company is called "HRC" - any relation or just a coincidence......hmmmmmmmmmmm...up:
" Another fine example how Tom Brophy is really a passionate Liberal. Not the angry man in these public statements.

scott m. said...

I met a candidate last night. Unfortunatley he came to my house at diner time. I had a nice talk with him.

Political Insider said...

A canidate?

Anyone in general?

scott m. said...

sorry, his name was Joseph Serra. He stopped by at 6:30. He was a nice guy and he had good ideas.

Anonymous said...

scott tell all your friends that Joe is running he is a great guy in a tough race and he is aorking hard too!!!

scott m. said...

I found this site because I was looking up Joseph Serra on the internet. I wanted to know more and that is why I came here. I'll tell my neighbors about him but I know they are republicans and will never vote for a democrat.