Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hope Fades.

All around the mulberry bush
The monkey chased the weasel.
The monkey thought 'twas all in fun.
Pop! goes the weasel.

A penny for a spool of thread,
A penny for a needle.
That's the way the money goes.
Pop! goes the weasel.

Up and down the City Road,
In and out of the Eagle,
That's the way the money goes.
Pop! goes the weasel.

Half a pound of tuppenney rice,
Half a pound of treacle,
Mix it up and make it nice,
Pop! goes the weasel.


Anonymous said...

John Laesch is a weasal.

Anonymous said...

Here is a report from the campagin trail from one of JDL's supporters.
I frequently get asked (0.00 / 0)
"How's John doing?, I don't see anything about him in the paper." I must say that's absolutely true and it's not because John isn't working himself 24/7 to get his message out without any publicity. I've written to the Aurora Beacon News for some coverage but get nothing back. When Topinka came to town in her bus she got front page coverage and you'll never see anything negative about Hastert. Anyway my message is that if we want a change in this district it's up to ALL of us to get it done. Hastert must go and John needs your help. Yesterday we marched in a parade in Waterman (only about 25 miles west of Aurora) and only 4 folks were in John's contingent including him, Jennifer, a great young (high school) man and myself. That's absurd! It is time to step up and show up for these events. Talk is cheap. Come on out, it really is fun and we are always well received. There's only 2 or 3 parades left and the one in Sycamore at the end of October is the biggee. Just do it!! John attracts a crowd and he's alway behind us because people want to talk to him. Also the campaign needs money for the final advertising push. Go to and contribute but especially show up. No. Send money too. Thanks for "listening". {Joe Stupec}
Yeah we are listening Joe and we have some suggestions for you and the dead end campagin.
1] Find a crediable guy to run for congress hey goof the man is speaker of the house.
2]Here's a clue how about a platform let people know what the issues are.
3]Quit trying to play musical chairs with your supporters the music has ended and you have been asked to leave.
4] Instead of treating people like a piece of garbage and lying to the voters maybe you should play it straight with people.
Joe you seem like a sensiable guy with a real passion for poltics. Maybe in 2 years when there is a real candiate running for congress and we have a strong ticket then maybe we will finally get some results.

Anonymous said...

Essentially what Joe Stupek said above is, that John Laesch draws a crowd but only a crowd of 4. Joe, you contradict yourself.

Anonymous said...

i have known marvin all my life and so what if he is on fat boys payroll..he knows i am a democrat and i know he`s a republican. it`s dixon where fat boy gave us 2.5 million for a waterfront park and john doesn`t have a chance.oh by the way obama got his picture taken with one of our life time republicans before he was elected...i`ll vote for john even though i feel zamora got screwed...just a little rant from ronnyland

Anonymous said...

To annyon love the post did you get your information from the National Enquirer and word on the street is that JDL's is in line for that coveted endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Laesch won't get any endorsement from any Republican. The only way that will happen is if Laesch says he'll bring religion into the public schools. Ohh wait, his supporters have already said that.

Laesch sould get endorsed for liar of the year.

SteveLeppard said...

John Laesch never said he would bring prayer back to the schools what he said was he is a christian and there for the values of christianity should be allowed free expression under current laws. {He was just trying to point out that if other relgions under our Law can enjoy freedomn then why can'christians express their frredomn of relgion} That was the only point John was trying to make that Christians do not have equal protection because other relgions are smaller/.

Dave W. said...

John Laesch's campaign workers and supporters have said that "Laesch will bring prayer back into the schools." Now you are saying that christians have no freedom of religion?

You know crack is not good for you so stop smoking it.

You Laeschies are terrifying. I won't vote for Laesch because I see no difference between him and Denny Hastert. The Devil you know is better than the Devil you don't know.

Relidion has no place in our schools or our politics and Laesch keeps bringing it up. He's a fundmentalist in sheeps clothing.

steveleppard said...

that is not what the campagin is saying all john is saying is; that a christian if we do not excersie our freedom then we will lose it. Ohther relgions get their holidays and their right to pratice what does the christian faith have.

J.Lausier said...

Hope is not gone!!! Lets get to work and get Democrats elected.

Dave W. said...

Who care what the christian faith has? You want a holiday? How about Christmas!!!

How about ALL SAINTS DAY? How about EASTER. Are you reall y a dumbshit or do you just play one on TV?

Fuck John Laesch and his band of forelorned christian democrats. I fucking hate the religious right and GOD FUCKING DAMN IT I HATE THE CHRISTIAN LEFT just as much!

Keep your cock sucking religion out of my politics, my schools and my government!

Political Insider said...

Religion and Politics..

Either topic could get you kicked off a stage coach.

Why does an alleged Democrat try to play to a religious base that doesn't exist for him? The whole "prayer in schools" nonsense is used by Republicans to garner support from the christian conservatives to replace the Goldwater conservatives that would otherwise not back a "psudeo" conservative republican canidate. For any Democrat to use this non-issue is just stupid.

We all know that the supream court, even a very conservative court, will not allow this in publicly funded schools. The constitution is quite clear and the court has ruled more times than i care to count on this issue. For Laeschites to keep bringing this up shows that they are just a little bit off.

Our country is not doing to well right now. Laesch is letting the RNC dictate his campaign. Our country will not do any better with him in office. Hopefully in November the democrats will take back the house and possibly the Senate and Denny will be relegated to a bit-player in a minority party. Then 2 years later we will welcome President Edwards and start putting things right.

You know, I don't want a canidate to tell me his issues. I want him to show me he will be a good representative and a smart person. I hire my representative to take care of the issues for me. Issues will change by next year. I want the guy who will do the right and smart thing AFTER the current debates have died away. Too bad we don't have that option in the 14th.

blabbermouth said...

We can all do a write-in for the 14th ballot spot. Granted, it's not the best option, but it's better than the other 2.

Daev w. said...

Write in? Not a bad alternative. I'm waiting for that freedom to be taken away soon.

Anonymous said...

Where is sgt major pussy; we need his advice about world poltics. After all he has seen it all. Come Come Come out from where ever you are sgt pussy.

Anonymous said...

The sgt has been retired by the col. Jim Feeley because his boss told him to shut up and the little drumer boy couldn't learn. Brophy has been banned by leader birch and the col. from blogging anymore and like a good little solider he will complie. It's really kind of funny when in reality Tom Brophy is no more than yes man for the birch society. This Guy does not have an orginal thought unless the Jim squared put it there. What a pussy.

Jim Birch said...

JDL had a press confernce today where the daily planet came out and wanted the 4-11 on dennis hasert. JDL responded at this time I am not at liberty to say anything more about this. I am bounded by the honor of the boy scout code not to reveal my source. After putting the resources of the daily planet and the 50 miles out staff to work we have uncovered the deep throat in dennis hasert office. It is none other than Dennis Hasert himself. As it appears with all the heat that is being put on him by the John Laesch campagin Denny has been willing to do what is right for the people of his district. Once again JDL has proven his is the most powerful force on earth. Also please send 37 cents you can make your checks payable to through your contiued we will end the world of the corruption and hypocrisy. Together we will paint the world purple.

Tom Brophy said...

Hey jagoff - you think I'm a pussy - let's talk sometime. You think I have to do whatever Jim and Jim say - let's talk somtime...You don't even have the courage to speak under any kind of a name. At least the asshole in the last post put a name down - EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT HIS (OR HERS)...Talk about a pussy!

You must be some young repug need to be spanked by your obviously have never been taught manners or know what character is. Keep make me want to work that much harder to replace you and your repug candidates. Although, I must admit, you do keep me amused.

BTW - whatever happened to uniongal...I really was looking forward to meeting you at the last KCD meeting. Too bad you were a no-show.

For everyone else - let's get busy and get Democrats elected.....

uniongal said...

Tom sorry had a dealth in the family really do not have time for poltics right now however will e-mail you so we can talk about the party.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom you got a problem with the Young Republicans we invite you to speak to our membership after all we need a good laugh and here it is:
Response to Hastert/Foley Pagegate Scandal
Submitted by john on Sat, 09/30/2006 - 8:27pm.
Our campaign office reports that the phone has not stopped ringing all day and the Inbox on our e-mail account is exploding.

We know that Dennis Hastert has been the "cover-up" guy for everything that is wrong in Washington. Hastert has been cleaning up messes all the way from this Wednesday's "get out of jail free" detainee bill that he gave to George Bush to gutting house ethics rules after Tom DeLay was indicted.

I am currently working with Danny Stover who is running against Shimkus in Illinois' 19th District to hold a near-term press conference. If you want to help Danny Stover get a $400 plane ticket to Chicago, you can donate here

It is time for both of these gentlemen to do the right thing for America and resign.

This morning we held a press conference in St. Charles, IL and I basically said that it is time for Dennis Hastert to resign. If he does not do the honorable thing then voters should fire him on Nov. 7th.

I started my speech with some of Hastert's own words from a 1998 press conference.

"Even though our children may be at home with the doors locked,"

"that doesn't mean that they are safe. We must continue to be proactive in warding off pedophiles and other creeps who want to take advantage of our children...It's not infringing on liberties, it's about protecting our kids."

Apparently proactive in Washington means waiting 11 months...

Exactly one month ago today Dennis Hastert made the front page of the Kane County Chronicle, a local paper, that covered Dennis Hastert's town hall forum on Internet safety.

Protecting children is OK for Dennis Hastert when it is earning him votes, but he doesn't give a damn when it is a page working on Capital Hill.

The fact that Hastert tried to cover this up is reason enough for him to resign.

The fact that Hastert is playing dumb means that he does not plan to go quietly into the night.

I am going to be reading all of the posts from Kossacks tonight and I cannot sit around too much longer. Please continue to offer advice and vote in our poll.

Update: Hastert trying to change the subject

CNN is now reporting that House Leaders want criminal charges on Foley. They want to shift all the blame to Foley and away from themselves. According to CNN:

"The improper communications between Congressman Mark Foley and former House congressional pages is unacceptable and abhorrent. It is an obscene breach of trust," read the statement issued by Majority Leader John Boehner of Ohio, House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois, and Majority Whip Roy Blunt of Missouri.

Earlier Saturday, the chairman of the House Page Board said Foley "was not honest about his conduct," referring to e-mail exchanges that a former page has called "sick, sick, sick."

Ummmm that is not going to happen. It sure didn't take long to realize that they are all going down for this.

John Laesch
Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress

What a fuckin Joke and oh yeah you are the pussy of the month. You suck Jim Birches penis.

Political Insider said...

Tom and the rest of the "Progressive Movement",

Get a clue..

After reading all of your comments, there is no doubt that the Republicans (manners includes adressing folks by proper titles, remember we're all members of the same community, no mater what our political beliefs are) have no fear from you. The folks in this county will forgive "The Coach" up to the point where he is actually caught with his penis in a 16 year-old. (And no, I'm not making that alligation, I'm simply saying that the voters will support him no matter what)

Matter of fact, the more you "work" the more you are helping those who dissagree with you. Your abusive language fires them up. The crazy wack-job letters in the paper every week proves to the Republican and Independent voters that a vote for your canidates is a vote for insanity and ugliness.

If you are trying to prove that you can be dumber and more repulsive than your opponent, congratulations, you win. The majority of voters consider themselves moderates. Your tactics of screaming and swearing just alianate those whos votes are needed. The best option left at this point would be for you folks to shut-up and go home. Every time you, JDL, Chairman Birch, and a few others open your mouths you cost the Democratic party support, donations and more importantly votes.

Please grow up and start acting like adults.


Tom Brophy said...

Uniongal..I'm truly sorry about the death in your family. I still would like the opportunity to meat and speak with you. anytime that's convenient for you will work for me...

Young still amuse me....

Politicalnsider...perhaps you should re-read the repugs posts...who's yelling and ugliness...c'mon..who really needs to get a clue here.

Time to get to work - time's wasting and we have very little left. We need to get Democrats elected.

Political Insider said...

You seem to think that stooping to the lowest point somehow justifies your actions. If you are in a grade shcool playground I would say that you are right, but since voting is a right only granted to ADULTS your argument falls flat.

I'm sure you feel justified in your own mind, but to the rest of the world you seem child-like.

What would your reaction be if the roles were reversed. IE if a republican started calling your party the "Democrazies". It would fire you up. Are you trying to fire-up your opponent?

You are right, time is short.


uniongal said...

Tom you can justify your behivior with what ever excuse you want.You are right time is passing and change is in the wind. However it is not the kind of change you have been supporting. Thank you for your concern and I would like to speak to you after the election.

Tom Brophy said...

It's much easier to "cause" the simple minded young repugs (and I do believe they are part of the Young Republican Organization) to aim their flames at me. I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is them "aiming" with unfounded rumor and inuendo about good candidates (let's leave that where it is for now). All I have to do is type one sentence and all of their energy gets directed to me. I'm accomplishing what I've set out to do (although that may now end since I've let my "agenda" out of the bag).

You're absolutely right - in a perfect world where the Karl Rove pholosphy didn't exist, we could all act in a civil manner. I wish it were that easy. Unfortunately, the action of a few (the young repugs) are coming right from Rove's playbook.

I hate the negativity - it takes away from our message (the Democratic message). If somebody has something to say about a candidate - don't just tell me what you know - show me what you know. So far, nobody has been able to do that with any of the allegations that have been made here.

I love Oswego, I truly enjoy the people, I hate all of the BS that goes on here. Then again, I know I instigate some of it and respond to a lot of it. I still believe that sticking my head in the sand and wishing that the BS would just "blow over" is the wrong thing to do. Whenever an allegation ("he's a drunk" - he beats up women"...) gets thrown out there and NOBODY responds to it, it grows.

Like I've said and will continue to say - we need to get to work and get Democrats elected. We have an opportunity to get a new US Congressman, 2 new State Senators, and 2 new DEMOCRATIC County Board members (BTW, I'm not forgetting Joe Serra - I'm just way out of his district - he has a great shot as well!).

So - let's get to work!

Anonymous said...

Are you speaking on behalf of your poltical master or did they take your Laesch off. Really funny how you like to attack republicans like we can compare your tactis to the insurgents in Iraq. You are no better Mr. Brophy than the people who wish to harm this nation. You are not a patriot but rather a confederate. If you want to overthrow this nation then we are here to excerise our right to freedom of speech.

P.s. Tell your friends we have their numbers.

steve lepard said...

You have Tom Brophy's number BULLSHIT. Tom and I are partners in changing America and restoring the common power to men who belive that our founding fathers were right. To question history and shape the facts to support your quest for destruction is wrong. I challenge the Young Republicans here you bring that fat piece of shit to a debate and we will bring our fine young progressive patriot. We will see who has the balls to show up. Quite frankly Tom is right it is time for people like us to once again stand and reclaim our inherient right to govern. When people like us were running this country we had no problems. The only problem we have now is women and their right to vote, peace and justice types with their quest to undermine the goverment. I will not even start about people paying their own way who come to this here and demand instant citzenship. Quite frankly thank god there are some people who still respect america and want things to return to the way they were.

Tom Brophy said...

Steve - you really need to stop speaking for me. I don't know who you are and I really don't share all of those views with you...

Steve....are you one of those young repugs trying to sound like a crazy Democrat or did someon just leave the front door unlocked?

Anonymous said...

Please define "Repug"

I had a Pug Dog once.. but since his typing was bad, and all he did was ask for milkbones (r) I don't think that's what you are reffering to.

Tom Brophy said...

I'm referring to the "repugnant" republicans - not all republicans - just the "repugnant" ones.

Anonymous said...

funny, I've never seen you use the word "republican" before.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brophy please define what a repugant republican is what is your sniff test to prove their worth. Another Question Mr. Brophy is Steve one of your good republicans because he is supporting John Laesch.

Tom Brophy said...

I don't know who Steve is...also, because someone votes republican doesn't automatically make them a bad person - my father sometime voted republican and I always thought he was a great guy!

Those young repug's who throw out bullshit without any proof are repugnant to me....Cheney is repugnant to me...all those lying bastards are repugnant to me...what else