Thursday, July 06, 2006

"User Standards."

Among the "found items" of late, lookie here what I got while I was out of town:

From: "Carolyn Shannon" (
To: "Steve Aldrich" (, (et al.)

Subject: user standards on SB/C
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 11:27:52 -0500

In the past few months there have been a number of false accusations posted on SB/C, and a number of unsubstantiated rumors. Unfortunately for SB/C, these accusations and rumors have been allowed to stand. That needs to change.

- Jennifer Cifuentes falsely said John Laesch was fired from the Gill campaign. She was never sanctioned for this.

- Ms. Cifuentes suggested Laesch was dishonorably discharged from the military. No action was taken on this.

- Mrs.Kanhai-Zamora accused the Laesch campaign of racism without giving any specifics. No action was taken on this.

- HRC has been posting the anonymous, unsubstantiated "beat up a stripper" accusation since April on SB/C, and has been allowed to repeat this without sanction.

- HRC has 'cast aspersions' towards local and State level Dem Party officials and cast them in a negative light, allegingthat these individuals 'failed to fully investigate and discover' the facts and background of Laesch before and after he became a candidate.
(quotes are mine: ~H)

"This should have been taken care of by the party months ago in their vetting process of candidates. Problem is, the tasteless dislike of Ruben (which I feel in my Birkenstocks is race-related), helped carry these ninnies into their frenzy for a nice white boy with blonde hair."

We currently do not have any policy regarding banning users. That has to change.

A pretty large number of people have repeatedly asked SB/C to police itself. Why is this not happening?

You have invited us to be a administrators, and we take that responsibility seriously. Specifically HRC's behavior has been, and is disruptive to Soapblox/Chicago and affects our ability to engage in discussion. This adversely affects our ability to attract people to our site. We know several people, for example, who refuse to link to Soapblox/Chicago because SB/C will not police itself. This is not about disagreement, as has been repeatedly noted by many at SB/C. This is about honesty and smearing people intentionally because you do not agree with them. As for myself, I have indeed posted here less often than I would because there are no standards or policies regarding trolls who pass themselves off as progressives, or people who post untruths and are not removed.

This is not the Wild West anymore. If SB/C is to grow then policies concerning trolling, rumors and falsehoods must be put in place, and now.

Steve and I think HRC should be banned, and we are asking for a formal decision on this.

On SB/C, if you make a criminal or personal accusation you have to be able to prove it *at the time you make the accusation*. If you don't, that should be grounds for account suspension. One of the primary purposes of this blog is to be a source of news, to "influence the media narrative." But an unsubstantiated rumor isn't the source of news, it's political manipulation. An anonymous, unsubstantiated accusation of criminal activity by a national candidate must be taken very seriously – it would not meet even the loosest journalistic standard. And frankly, why in the world would the Democratic party or its candidates want to participate in a blog, or link to it, when such activity regarding an elected candidate is allowed to stand? Why would even a Democratic candidate for County Clerk, for example, want to post here when unsubstantiated rumors and even outright lies are allowed? We know at least one State Senate candidate has stated he refuses to be associated with SB-Chicago because of this lack of policing by the administrators. SB/C is hurting itself by doing nothing. And that's the danger of these type of trolls. They masquerade as people like us, and then they use that trust to manipulate us.

Because of this and previously unpoliced comments, this blog is gaining a reputation as a site where people can make false or unsubstantiated claims and they get play. Is that going to be allowed to stand? Is that the image you want for SB/C?

When bloggers blog on a site, they are supporting that site. If that site allows people to post unsubstantiated attacks on candidates, they may come to attack candidates that these bloggers support. This could force the blogger to support unsubstantiated attacks on their own candidate through their support of the blog. Serious bloggers are going to avoid sites that do this. If a blogger posts a news or information diary on a blog and that blog also supports undocumented and unsubstantiated slander, those slanders discount the veracity of the actual news pieces.

Would the Sunlight Foundation, which has high standards of truth and verification, continue to link to a blog that has no such standards itself? Doing so would negatively affect their credibility.

We don't care what bloggers do on their own sites, but on this site, which is a community site with specific goals, there absolutely must be some standards, and some consequences.

Thanks for your consideration.

Carolyn Shannon (CarolynS)*

Steve Aldrich (SAldrich)**

This is (was) a confidential email to the administrators of SoapBlox Chicago by two publicly elected precinct committeemen who have no stake whatsoever in the SoapBlox Chicago blog, save for that fact that they are also "admins" of the site.

... and the fact that they both are working for the Laesch campaign. Golly! I almost forgot that part.

* (D) St. Charles 9th Precinct.
** (D) Aurora Ward 5, 6th Precinct.

I guess that would be the little detail that keeps getting left out of things.

Shocking. Just shocking revelations by two more little pishers who "admin" a website that is now actively discussing an "elect and impeach" strategy, and alternately, a "Dump Blagojevich" campaign.

What the fuck is next with these "Progressives," anyway?

I love when this happens: Proof, once again that stupidity, gall, and tyranny know no political boundaries.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that the only reason I started reading and posting to SoapBlox was because of you. If they ban you from this site, I and others I know will STOP participating in Soapblox. These tactics by volunteers of Laesch's campaign are infact hurting his campaign in my opinion. I support you and what you are saying. Thanks again for having the courage to stand up and say what needs to be said.

Kankakee Voice said...

The truly ironic thing here is, and I actually do laugh when I think of it, is that these new blog "police" at SBC were made admins by ME! I suggested them, no one else voiced too much of a concern, and so they were made admins.

The other thing is the fact of WHO actually OWNS the blog. Now I believe Jeff has put in the greater amount of money, but I myself have paid my share, as have a one or two other people that I know of. Far as I know all those having a hissy fit and worrying about rules and sanctions at SBC haven't spent a penny of their own money.

Or maybe Jeff sent them a bill and now that they are paying out good money, the "I OWN THIS PLACE AND I'LL HAVE MY WAY" attitude is coming out in them.

Anonymous said...

And I thought it was only the Republicans who wanted to ban free speech in America. Looks like we have some "Dems" with the same mindset.

Love the blog. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Apparently free speech is fine as long as you agree with Carolyn S., Steve A. and others of their ilk. I don't and will continue to exercise my right to say exactly what I feel needs to be said. And I don't know who appointed John Laesch's campaign staff as the blog police; perhaps it's the only power these folks will ever have.

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve and Carolyn,
When did the communist party take such a foot hold in the Democratic party. For 12 months people have been subjected to the filth that the Laesch campagain calls their platform and their name calling. You two have been the ringleaders and now you get your nose out of joint when people say things about that delussional little man. Frankly all John has to do is come on the blogs and say this is not true. Who the hell cares if it is IHMO. The issue here is a simple one. You two should have your mouths washed out with soap and your computers permantly shut off. You two are behaving like terroists of the internet. Free speech only applies when you can use it to protect your words and not others. Personally if John Laesch wants to think he is worthy of peoples vote then maybe he should grow a set and finally get to the issues that matter. Frankly his time is now and he better deliver. As for you two go back to the rock from which you crawled out from under. Have a progressive day comrades.

Anonymous said...

Responding to the cowardily Anyon. Once again you prove what Tom is always saying that you people have to much time. Tom paid for a background check and it came back negative. The tests showed that John Laesch is a decent god fairing person who loves his country. People who spreads lies will be shot down with a bolt of lightening. You have no proof and this is a joke!!! We only have 3 months to save our Democracy and hire a new speaker. John Laesch is the best chance we have here in Illinois of getting a Democrat elected. He is a proven leader and is an expert in forgein affairs. We need his voice on the Hill will you please join us and help end the tyranny for the people of the 14th District. I call on all the American Patriots we need your money and support. The SS Accountablity has room for everyone including 50 miles out. Thank you for not censoring us and consider John Laesch he is worth it.

Anonymous said...

I really wish you would write something that shows some proof.

First of all, theres more than on Jon Laesch in Illinois.

Second of all, he has no connection to the dairy in Bloomington. He told me so.

And Third, I hope you fucking die, asshole.

Anonymous said...

There may be more than John Laesch in IL, but no one comes near to being what John is. The way he listens to the people, his dedication to the should be greatly applauded. He is a young man working to bring America back to what it should be.

Anonymous said...

John intended to limit and comment on the portion(s) of the larger scope to those he actually experienced and participated in. Knowing John, sure he'd want to hear from those folks who joined in the other events, protests and rallies held while Bush was stumping and schleping around the area.
This is just my personal take and perspective.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Martin Luther King, Jr. If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich. John F. Kennedy

Anonymous said...

Have you all seen him in action at parades? The time he takes to listen to EVERYONE there...the people watching the parades, those participating, etc. The world needs more people who are actually in touch with reality and who actually care about the american dream, as he does. I was so impressed by him at the Petunia parade. I didn't see any other candidates taking the time that he did to reach the average person. Way to go John!

Anonymous said...

I agree. But I think the case is different with a "signed" vs. "unsigned" accusation or comment, so I'm trying to develop language to handle that difference. Ideas?

All virtue is summed up in dealing justly. -- Aristotle

Anonymous said...

The difference between signed and unsigned is balls. If you have balls, you sign your accusations. If you don't have balls, you hide behind an anonymous name.

Or perhaps the difference between a signed and unsigned accusation is proof?

"If it is a Miracle, any sort of evidence will answer, but if it is a fact, proof is nessary" -Mark Twain

Anonymous said...

Some friendly campaign advice for John Laesch:

1. Grow a set of balls

2. See a psychiatrist

3. Lay off the alcohol

4. Get some new friends

5. Get a real job

6. Leave the boyscouts alone

7. Get a big box of tissues

8. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

9. Learn some social skills

10. Find a new zipcode

sincerley yours,
Young Republicans

Anonymous said...

I can no longer sit quietly and read this bullshit about one of the great americans in today's politics. JOHN LEASCH IS A STAND UP GUY and if we had more people like John our nation would not be threatened with the leadership qualities of Denny, George W, and his little buddy scooter. America is meant to be run by main street and not wall street. To the previous comments, we have list of our own demands:

1. Impeach George Bush
2. Raise the minimum wage
3. End corporate corruption
4. End the war in Iraq
5. End terrorism now by finding alternative fuel energy sources
6. Affordable universal health coverage for everyone
7. Ban Wal-mart
8. Return power from Wall street back to Main Street
9. Pass legislation that will take out all snack & pop machines out of the public school system.
10. Legalize Gay marriage

Leadership is through action. Progressive means future and if you love America, then you will adopt our platform as the law of the land. America needs new vision through leader Birch, Congressman Laesch, State Senator Frank Craig, State Representative Joe Serra, and Arden Plochard on the Kendall County Board. There will be a new light in government.

Sincerely Yours

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether you need a new political party or a mental institution, because you're clearly delusional.

Anonymous said...

Ten things Steve Aldrich needs to do to improve his appearance:

1. Gargle Scope before before central committy meetings to mask alcohol breath.
2. Stop wearing hat with velcro-attached poney-tail.
3. Two words: clean shirt.
4. Quit raiding Berry Manilow's closet.
5. Develop interest in women.
6. Hang out with uglier people to look handsomer.
7. Throw away all your Clay Aiken CD's.
8. Tie a porkchop around neck so your dog will play with you.
9. Scrape the white-out from your computer screen.
10. Shave your palms.

Sincerely yours,

President of the Steve Aldrich Fan Club
Current members: 3 (you, your split personality, and I)

Anonymous said...

Steve does not respond because he is playing John Laesches skin flute. Love you when your mad.
Tom Brophy

Tom Brophy said...

Hey jerk-off! If you're going to sign my name at least be smart enough to not sign in as anonymous. You must be one of those regug fucking idiots!

(I can be much more crude than you).

Tom Brophy

Anonymous said...

You are so naughty Tom however there is more than one Tom Brophy in the 14th Congressional District. We look forward to having a meaningful diaglogue here if you have the Balls Pussy.
Here is a riddle for you what spends 100K and gets 12 votes!!! Look Foward to your answer you little pussy. Love you when your mad.

Tom Brophy said...

Pussy? That's good....Mad? I've never gotten mad yet - it's really ugly - that's when the Sergeant Major wants to come out of me. Meaningful discussion? - If I have the balls?... That's good too - at least I sign my own name when I post stuff here - how 'bout you?

Tom Brophy

Anonymous said...

Are you the Tom Brophy at 555-horn????

Anonymous said...

"it's really ugly - that's when the Sergeant Major wants to come out of me" {Tom Brophy wishing to tell you about his private parts.} Sounds very fethching Tom

just honestly said...

Who else is running for office in the Kane & Kendall? Are there any other candidates for state races?

Who are they?

Are they any good?

Is anyone helping them?

Anonymous said...

Yes there are some excellent candiates please consider John Laesch for Congress and Adren Plochard for county board in District 1 of kendall county. It is imporant that we get people elected on a local and national viewpoint. With John Laesch in Congress and Joe Plochard elected to the county board Our Progressive voices will be heard. In Kendall County the new people moving in here have told us 85 percent that they will vote for the Progressive Democrats. We are learning that people really do not have an intrest in state matters and are not happy with the Gov. We need to rebuild the entire democratic party to resemble our progressive platform in order to ensure American Rights are being respected.We have a new start please consider joining us. Great question!!!

the accused responds said...

"- Mrs.Kanhai-Zamora accused the Laesch campaign of racism without giving any specifics. No action was taken on this."

Just to set the record straight, as I wrote to the accusers, "This is not correct. I did not accuse the 'Laesch campaign' of racism. And I gave specifics (see quote below)."

"This email/letter came from a Laesch SUPPORTER, NOT the Laesch campaign, which I also clearly stated on SB/C (because, as I've said many times, I have considered Johnny a friend). I went to great pains to note that I was not accusing John of anything."

One of the accusers was considerate enough to respond...from CarolynS: "I apologize if I misunderstood what you were saying when you wrote to one of the Laesch staffers 'Kristen, we have documented proof of racial attacks used by supporters.'"

There was more to both emails, but I hope these excerpts clear my good name.