Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just How Far?

Just how far can a group of political neophytes go when given a little power? History (at least what I've seen during my tenure, at any rate) says pretty far.

The difference here, of course, is bandwidth. Give them a "management" spot, and it's all over.

All of a sudden, you have totalitarianism. Unbridled power. Shit!

This was the result of my posts at SBC last week before I hurriedly packed and ran off for a long weekend.

Interesting bit of paranoia buried somewhere in the middle: one of the instigators of this nonsense accuses my friend Karie of LiberILView, of "tipping me off" to the discussion. Actually, that is not at all true. The example (my post in the recent John Laesch cumfest over at SBC) referred to a post in that diary.

Once again, these people show how clueless and paranoid they really are. Not all of them, mind you. Just enough to create a need for me to exercise my omniscience and omnipresence.

What they actually forgot was that I was also an admin of SoapBlox-Chicago, which I am happy to kiss off, along with Karie and Alison. All I had to do was curiously search for the word "policing" in the diaries after a disenfranchised recipient or two of the email (posted here, below) sent me a copy.


Philosophe Forum said...

If CarolynS wasn't a woman, I'd swear this was a male/female thing. You don't screw with the 1st Amendment -- period.

Kankakee Voice said...

See my comment below on an earlier post.

I've been reading threw all their policing ideas, their suggested rules, ad nauseum and can't help but also laugh once again. Policing bloggers is like herding cats, and some of the things a few are suggesting is truly going to be unenforceable and totally subjective.

Carolyn did piss me off in a couple of pissy comments she made to me on a static diary on SBC - I don't mind people disagreeing with me, but please just state your disagreement, save the nasty tone and sarcasm for someone who deserves it - so I said my piece back to her using her very unfriendly tone back at her and telling her and her few followers "Good Luck" in their policing efforts. The Nazi and her followers promptly rated my comment into invisiblity. Can't have people reading an honest opinion that they disagree with now can they? LOL!!!!

Soon they will have only commenters who say what the admins want to hear, who all agree with each other or get blasted out to hell by the SBC police (like the crazy kossacks on dkos): "we don't like the implied inflection in the way you said John Laesch...." and they'll all be goose stepping together on their merry way to mouth piece for the democratic party. blah, blah, blah, .... but oh so seriously and responsibly of course.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank HRC and Kankakee for their wit and insight. As for Carolyn, she does not help the Democratic Party by encouraging censoring(Nazism?) Steve, you are a joke. I would not like to meet either person. They sound like arm-chair political groupies. The worst part is that they supposedly have close ties to the Laesch campaign. Go figure....
Laesch is a joke.
I am not a fan of Has-been, but even Has-hole is better than these creeps. I hope Hasteet wipes their campaign.

Sorry HRC and Kankakee.

If Laesch doesn't like what's said here, maybe he needs to stop giving us so much ammunition. Giving us Carolyn and Steve is waaaaay tooo much ammunition. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLXXXXOOOO(smooch).

Anonymous said...

Who has time to worry about what is written in a political blog like SoapBlox. Don't these people have jobs?????

Anonymous said...

So your shocking revelation is that two Democratic precinct workers are defending a Democratic candidate against an anonymous accusation? Quick, call Bob Woodward!

Jeff Wegerson said...

Hitler. Nazi. Gestapo. SS. Blitzkreig. Hitler Youth. Concentration Camps. Propaganda. Final Solution. etc. etc.

Now that the air has been cleared, we can talk. I'm glad you admit that not everyone at SB/C offends you. It shows maturity.

SoapBlox/Chicago is a growing, changing entity in a field (blogging) that is still young enough to have uncharted waters in addition to growing pains. When folks push the limits, the body squeals.

You (HRC) have an abrasive style. Every community has and needs abrasive members. Hopefully such people are aware of their style and adadpt their relations to the community appropriately as needed. So far as I can tell, that is exactly your approach to SB/C. I am apprecietive of your restraint.

As to the conversation you have linked to, it is a relatively new feature of SoapBlox that allows what are called Static Diaries. These are diaries that do not appear on the Recent Diary List nor do the comments appear on the recent comments list. Clearly they are not truly private, but effectively they are. For real private conversations there is e-mail, mail-mail, and the telephone and the real-time, real-life face-to-face meeting. The Static Diaries have allowed us to have a recorded conversation without having to worry about a lot of extraneous noise. It served that purpose well. One has to expect that the folks running a thing will want to have conversations amongst themselves. It's not a big deal. The topic may be a big deal, but it is the results that matter in that case not the topic itself. So far no results have come out of that conversation.

As for your Admin abilities, I was involved in neither the setting of them nor the un-setting of them. I did not object when I saw that you were set to admin, nor did I object when I saw that you were unset. I have appreciated your work in opposing Hastert and I appreciated your contribution to the SoapBlox Special report on IL-14. That report helped put SoapBlox/Chicago on the map.

As for this latest brewhaha about John, I have dipped my toe in now and then, but for the most part it has not appealed to me as something I want to participate in. I personally do not think that it helps the progressive community at large nor the progressive community that is SoapBlox/Chicago. But that's me. I am loathe to do anything other than comment and rate as I see fit personally.

You ask "Just how far can a group of political neophytes go when given a little power? History (at least what I've seen during my tenure, at any rate) says pretty far."

I am glad you recognize the newness of the SoapBlox project and us as political actors. So far we have really gone nowhere. My guess is that we can maintain a balance here. I sense that all of us (that's you, your allies and the admins at SoapBlox) have enough sense to not crash and burn over this.

Anyway, thanks for allowing me to share, and good luck on your efforts here.

Anonymous said...

Jeff thanks for keeping it real