Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oh, My Goodness.

It seems "folks" over at SBC (link is now missing from my blog) are cumming (sic) up with their own definitions of libel again. My, oh, my.

Even mental masturbation has its limits, though.

I should also mention that the other software I use to track usage shows that the Hastert office has hit 50MO several times today (lookie here). Guess they know I know a couple things...


Well, before launching into something that may potentially harm a couple of hard-working members of the Kane County political organization (they're elected Democratic precinct committeemen) let me just say that they stepped into the limelight together, and that they are, in fact, elected officials of their (and my) political party.

And they're very, very conniving individuals who ought to have their names known.

Goodness! Don't know if I can stay up long enough to get it all down. It's all kind of alarming to me, still!

Tonight, tomorrow. Whatever.

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