Thursday, May 25, 2006

More Microsoft Fantasy.

If MS has their way, JPG would be replaced with the "Windows Media Photo" format.

How fucking ridiculous. This story would have been better placed in the "Offbeat News" rather than the Tech category.

And we're still holding our breath for that PDF replacement Bill Gates was bragging about a couple years ago.

Oh, yeah. And the iPod's days are just about over, because everyone is going to want to do everything on a phone licensed by Microsoft.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Gates can no longer fulfill his fantasies because he jettisoned the talent that used to work for him.

He traded his very company for cheap labor in India.

The problem is that developers from foreign nations can NOT develop software to meet the needs of people they do not think like. Program development is specific to the psyche of the target audience...

And the chances that the American target audience is going to open up to Big Brother (read: Gates) is NILL.

Gates has reached his apex and will never be there again.... he is a has been.