Friday, April 28, 2006

Great, Great Catch.

Great photo of Hastert ducking the press yesterday after a photo op in the Great Hydrogen Car Chase in D.C.

Readership seems to have dropped some at SB/C lately... must've all come over here. Welcome.

No cock pictures yet, btw.


Anonymous said...

You know why Denny is starting to hide out because the progressive brigade and the big little man are taking to the streets on the 29th to troll for some voters. After all it has only been a month since people decided they did not want to vote progressive so the trolls will be out boycotting taking showers and going on a hungry strike until we the voter of the 14th congressional district get this one straight. Vote for John or we will go hungry and smell well we are doing this. Respect our authority. Be progressive or be square.

Anonymous said...

If John is considered "progressive," I am voting for Hastert!