Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Denny Hastert's Do-Nothing Congress.

What a great job!

Congress is back in town after two grueling weeks "working at home," and they're all hard at... doing nothing.

As you can see from the schedule of business on the House floor, the Office of the Clerk isn't even up to date!

As prices of gasoline are skyrocketing and Iran is ramping up its rhetoric about leaving the United Nations, and another 35 U.S. Military personnel have died in Iraq since Congress went home, ostensibly, "to work," here are a couple of things you Heavy D and the Boyz could do today before going home.

• Call the Clerk to the floor of the House and request that the schedule of the nation's business become available to the public at once.

• Set aside all previously scheduled business for the day, which culminates in a resolution to honor the late Justic Rhenquist.

• Rescind the current Energy Bill, 2/3 of which was set aside as a $9 Billion corporate welfare program for energy companies.

• Rescind all legislation that provides future welfare payments to Big Oil over the next 10 years, which will save tens of billions more in lost revenue and outright payments for long-term research initiatives.

• Call the President and tell him to rescind his executive order which stops deposits into the Federal Strategic Oil Reserve.

• Craft meaningful legislation that defines "price gouging" at both the wholesale and retail levels, which can be used as the basis for a national approach to this problem.

That's all for now. That should take a couple of hours, which is apparently more than you fuckers can work in one stretch without lining your own suit pockets and those of your corporate special interests with my money.

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