Sunday, March 12, 2006

You Are Feeling Sleepy...

What's the stuff they put in turkey? No, not the Turkey that paid off our House Speaker in illegal campaign contributions... I'm talking about the bird.

I'm pretty wiped out after a turkey feast. Now stop poking fun at Denny Hastert's illegal foreign national contributions to pay for his pulling legislation from the House floor!

I roasted a turkey with all the trimmings, made the gravy and real potatoes and asparagus and everything. A nice complementary chardonnay was right alongside.

So all I have in this post is that Karie at K3 Kindling an K3 Voices has ditched Blogger for Soapblox.

I'm not as adventurous, at least not yet. Then again, I've had my hands full with thawing ritual, the old salmonella rinsing, roasting, basting. etc.

Visit Karie at her new spiffy home at LiberIL View.

I've got to say, drunk on turkey drugs or not, that's a great name; at least 10 times better than any of the ones I tried to concoct for her. I'l updated the blogroll when I'm not dangerous.

1 comment:

Kankakee Voice said...

Damn, your making me hungry.

It's not that great a name, but I just got tired of thinking about it. I really liked the Pith ideas, but just wasn't sure everyone else would "get it." And I while you are truly full of pith, alas, I am not. Nor did I want to contend with a pithing match. So LiberIL View it is. My husband doesn't really like the name either.