Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hastert's Quiet, Backroom Reforms...

Are largely still quiet. And judging from the press they've received so far, they're still closed-door, backroom deals.

The comical quotes in this article are simply voluminous! This is great:
The recommendations will ``sustain the integrity of the Congress as we move forward,'' House Speaker Dennis Hastert said at a news confernece. (sic)
A little late for the "sustain" part, aren't we, Denny?

Of course, all in all, whatever the Rs unveil will be nonsensical bullshit, which has become the hallmark of Congressional oversight and reform since Gingrich-DeLay-Hastert overthrew the Democracy in 1995.

Nothing at all will come from any temporary measures, such as the temporary ban on privately funded travel Hastert and the Wrecking Crew talked about today.

Real reform is going to mean tracking every dollar and matching it with a name, banning privately funded travel and the other perks that have become well-known in D.C. circles. And kicking these motherfuckers out of the House for good.

Putting some of these in jail would go a little ways, too.

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