Thursday, February 16, 2006


So much for Big Mo and Little Mo. Here's 50 MO. And it ain't "Joe-Mentum" that put the Boy Ingemunson story as the banner story in this week's Kendall County Record. It was 50-Mentum.

The data has been available for a couple weeks, but made the paper today (Monday night is the deadline -- I posted Monday afternoon).

Tony Scott has a nice, balanced piece on the fundraising with all donor information. The Oswego-Sentinel/Record stories are posted seven days after publication. You'll see it here next Friday.

If you're in Kendall County this week, pick up a copy of any of the Record Newspapers while you're here (anywhere you can buy gasoline or food, I think). Scott does an excellent job on his beat, and it's a nice little paper worth supporting.

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Anonymous said...

50 miles out dude i like your blog and I live in Iowa I am a huge John Leasch Fan I was traveling through on my way to Nigara Falls for the Fighting Democrats endorsement and Rally for John where the attendance was estimated by his campagin to be a million screaming fantics to cheer the home town boy to victory. well any way I stopped picked up the paper and read the story I am outraged that they will not cover the little big man john there's your outrage. We need the purple people eater elected. So if you are in nigara falls all thise people going over in a barrel are at our rally will you join us.