Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Name Game.

Springer On The Radio had a very funny parody song of "The Name Game." It still makes me laugh.

This name game is pretty serious, though.

See, you have all of these Feeleys. First, there was Bridget, who requested copies of Zamora's petitions under the name Bridget Stencel. Anyone can request copies of petitions. Not so remarkable unless you add in the timing of the request.

Then Patricia's name shows up on the Laesch campaign as its treasurer. And, of course, if you've been keeping up with what I've already tipped you off about in the Kendall County petition challenges, there's Jim Feeley, the Sergeant of Arms of the Kendall County Central Committee, who objected to at least one petition of the 11 committeemen that were thrown off the ballot a few weeks ago.

Ah, remember those were "Progressive Democrats" who filed objections to the Democratic candidates for committeemen in 11 precincts.

And Jim Feeley is a "Progressive Democrat" in Kendall County, which meets, oddly enough, on the same night, at the same time, as the Kendall County Democrats. Very odd for a group supposedly promoting the Democratic party to have such a regularly scheduled conflict. And how very odd for an officer in the regular party to make a commitment to both groups.

And John Laesch, who I understand does not attend Kendall County Democratic Party meetings, also is one of these "Progressive Democrats" in Kendall.

Take a look at their candidate list here. Odd, how slanted it is toward PDCKC members; plain old Democrats have nothing in the information field next to their names.

By now, you're wondering the same thing as me: not whether or not Jim Feeley can be at two meetings at the same time, but how he and his wife (who are well-connected Democrats with ties to Chicago Alderman Richard Mell, the governor's father-in-law) and their daughter, Bridget, got involved in all of this without thinking that someone would notice.

Now, this pair of Ducos. I sure would like to know if one used a party organization to simply tout the other's boss for a cheap endorsement, while Ruben Zamora would be presumably flopping around trying to save his campaign and pay his attorney fees. And it sure would be interesting to hear why at least two prominent members of the Laesch campaign, one Mr. Duco included, attended the petition challenge hearing before the Kendall County Elections Board.

Oh, yes. There's just one more thing, as Columbo might say. Those papers filed in Kendall County at the same time the objection went out on Zamora were all notarized by one Patricia D. Feeley. So all 11 of the candidates can look no further than the Feeleys to thank for the challenge, which took 11 regular Democrats off the ballot in favor of these "Progressives."

How convenient all of this is.


Anonymous said...

well well it seems like the shoe has dropped. You have a pack of assholes from yorkville and a dick head from newark really thinking you can beat the speake. except one thing sherlock holmes at 50 miles out what about the other part of the puzzle and his name is tom cross smart ass is any one going to challenge him. how about you may be leasch and his pack of jack asses should look into that

HRC said...

I couldn't quite put together your last 5 or 10 sentences. Did you mean Tom Cross (smart ass), or are you calling me a smart ass?

Yes, it would seem to be a matter of importance to have a full slate of candidates before we have delusions of grandeur.

Anonymous said...

Hey! The regular dems changed their meeting night to conflict with the Progressives. It wasn't the other way around. Did you know that the progressives put an ad on the radio during the last presidential election that featured all of the democratic candidates in the county whether or not they were Progressives?

wpfarrer said...

>>Odd, how slanted it is toward PDCKC members

We requested information on them but the people who have nothing listed would not or did not reply to our request.

A small justification FYI.

wpfarrer said...

>>I couldn't quite put together your last 5 or 10 sentences

This made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

In a time like this the Kendall Co. Dems should be unified to defeat the bumbling Republicans instead you get pigheaded Idiots to screw up what should be a sure thing! No wonder the people feel disinfranchized,The green party should do very well this year!