Friday, January 27, 2006

Kendall County Clerk Interprets His Own Law.

It appears that last Friday, as Ruben Zamora supporters spread out all over the district to verify voter registration information, they were not welcome to access this public information in Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert's home county.

A campaign insider shared this, among other interesting things:
The county clerk would not let our supporter check the files without a "court order." ... Every other election office opened their doors and were very gracious. (Aurora, Kane County and Dekalb) There were 58 voter registrations to be checked (in Kendall) but we did not need them, after all.

So maybe Kendall County Clerk Paul Anderson can explain why he violated the law by not allowing inspection of these public records?

Voter registration is, in fact, a matter of public record. It is open for inspection at any time (except during the month prior to an election day) during the county clerk's regular business hours.

As a matter of fact, Zamora only needed to issue a "written request" to keep Anderson and his deputies at work until he was done, whatever that entailed.

That is the law in Illinois. Check it out.

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Gary Kleppe said...

Interestingly, Anderson is part of the board that ruled against the eleven Democratic precinct committeemen you mentioned in another post.