Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Planning and making business travel and catching the flu really stinks (no posts since, I dunno, two weeks ago?) . I felt this coming on over the weekend. As bad as I've felt the past few days, there's one thing I know for sure now.

Flying United sucks. Bad.

My luggage did not come on the plane with me today, because I was wait-listed on two flights before I got here (here). The baggage claim indicates it was supposed to come on the flight that I actually got on, not the late, late flight that on which I was ticketed.

It has not yet arrived.

Note to self: This does not happen (ever) on the low-cost carriers you've been using. Think you've learned a lesson from this?

Not to United: Oh, never mind. You're an employee-owned company at war with your employees. What part of United even makes sense?

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