Sunday, September 11, 2005

Guess That Settles It

When this guy's the crew manager at the restaurant you stop at, you can bet that... er, you know your meal will arrive promptly and be fresh and delicious! Well, you'd hope, anyway.

One of the great signs seen over the weekend.

Another, which I wasn't able to shoot while speeding down I-88 to the Sandwich Fair, was proudly displayed by a member of the local Moron Contingent, acros the entire tailgate of his pickup truck.

Either a painted mural or gigantic printed magnet with the 9/11/01 skyline depicted in full color (you know, Twin Towers exploding in flames) with the now famous Darryl Worley caption, "Have You Forgotten?"

Incredible, but, now that's the way the Moron Contingent in Hastert Country sees it.

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Curator, EIU Hall of Fame said...

Where in Hastert Country? DuPage? Love the blog!