Thursday, September 15, 2005

Call Out The Instigators...

Well, this is a first in the many years I've lived the peasant's life in HastertWorld.

The USS Hastert has two challengers in the primary race.

Ruben Zamora, a highly qualified young man who ran against Hastert (largely unnoticed in Hastert's Gigantic Media Shadow*), and this fine young fellow, John Laesch, from Newark (IL -- not the Hellhole in NJ).

Where are the press operations, boys? Where are your press releases going?

Then again, Mike Madigan might want to think about sending some moo-lah this way and start making some noise.

Never Had It, Never Will®. Yep. It's sad how Dem candidates go begging in some districts.**

*This was supposed to be funny. If I could, I would make those cartoon letters because Hastert's "press operation" is a joke. The "Gigantic" you probably got.

**This is not funny.

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