Friday, August 12, 2005

Unmitigated Asshole.

I'm about to board (what I think is) a 12-seat airplane. I must dash this off, for I'd be remiss if we're slammed into by a stray tanker or something. (See previous post for more on that)

Neil Cavuto is an asshole.

I was just ejected from the airport bar (by another patron, not the bar) for muttering, well, stating quite normally, apparently, "What a fucking asshole" during a horribly lame Cavuto interview of a Marine veteran of the Iraq War. The breaking point was when he pretended to get choked up as he thanked the Marine for "making reading the teleprompter easier." I just couldn't hold back any longer.

I mean, really. Just WTF does that even mean?? Were teleprompters going to be rewritten in Urdu (sp) if we hadn't blown Iraq to bits?? Isn't there still a pretty sizable risk of an Iraqi gasoline tanker ramming into Cavuto's studio??


I offered no apology on my way to the gate, but noticed on the way that the entire concourse has CNN on.

Which leads me to the real question here. After all, no one can explain Neil Cavuto, or what has been done to study the rock he crawled from under.

Why do the airport bars all seem to have Fox on?

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