Friday, August 12, 2005

Quit or Be Fired

I've been on the road out of state and just caught a Neil Cavuto blurb about the latest threat to security: Loose tanker trucks on the nation's roadways.

Apparently, we're about to have another big scare or elevation in the security color code.

WTF? It's been damn near four years from 9/11 and we still don't have a fucking clue who's driving these things and where they all are at any given moment? More proof that DHS was created as a political foil; any self-respecting "Republican" (I'm not actually deluded enough to think those still exist, btw) would absolutely rail against this multi-billion dollar boondoggle that Hastert-Bush-Cheney has created.

If it weren't so damned expensive, I'd say it's the biggest fucking joke in the history of our government.

(No, you say, that would be Dennis Hastert; even his friends laugh at his emasculated state)

Yet another reason why Hastert should be fired. Clearly, there is no oversite whatosoever in this Congress.

And it all falls at his feet.

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