Monday, August 15, 2005

Denny Hastert's America

A couple of things to note.

1. Gas prices 2 miles from the Cat plant Bush and Hastert gladhanded at last week were under 2.50 during the visit. This was not related to the visit. It's just a fact.
2. The price at this station was 2.539 yesterday, 2.599 this morning, and was raised mid-day today as you see it (above)

Couple more thoughts to note:

1. Unless he's buying a new pickup more than once a year now, Denny's driving a nice white Chevy Avalanche.
2. Denny drives a pickup because, you know, he's a regular guy (who drives a $40,000 pickup truck).
3. A Chevy Avalanche get 16mpg on average and has a 31 gallon tank (I think Hastert's is 37 gal).
4. You and I fill up at 2.75/gallon and say, "Jeeesus Crimony!"
5. Denny fills up and says, "Fuck 'em... I got mine."

This is the guy who shamelessly arranged that lame photo op months ago at a gas station in DC announcing the push for the energy bill in the House. You know? The one that was supposed to help consumers?

Reality Check: The bill passed does not in any way, shape or form help consumers.

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