Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hastert Family Values.

Since Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert now has his lawyers speaking for him whenever it becomes apparent that his dick has been run through the wringer again, I decided to seek the counsel of my own today before posting more about Tollgate Property.

Here's what I am allowed to say. The rest is left to intrepid reporters and watchdogs to uncover and/or reveal the details, which are none too kind to Mr. Denny Hastert.

It seems Mr. Hastert's uncle, who passed away last year, was not only known for owning a restaurant, but for a bit of gambling as well.

One Mr. Hastert, it seems, bailed out another, and in the process of said bailout, became an owner of a piece of property. A restaurant, as a matter of fact. The building was still vacant last time I noticed.

Since his debt was cleared, Uncle Don did not speak to the Speaker ever again. As far as my sources can tell, the Speaker declined to speak, as well.

Says one insider: "The last I talked to Don and Denny's name came up, he said he never wanted to hear from that no good son of a bitch ever again."

There's your family values.

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