Friday, June 16, 2006

What Democrats Should Have Done Today.

Walked out. Simple.

Sometimes, walking away is the best way to say, Fuck You.

And in a stupid, political trap that says nothing more than "We spent a million dollars of taxpayer money today to hold a vote that traps the opposition party with the question: Are you with us or against us?" it should be a non-starter.

Question for Alison: Why don't leadership people recommend this on "trap" votes like this?

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Philosophe Forum said...

This is an excellent example of why people don't see any difference between the Dems & Reps -- too many Blue Dogs & not a pair of balls to be found in the "leadership". There's been a lack of REAL Dem leadership for way too long. The 42 Dems that broke ranks didn't have to vote at all. They have to show up for a quorum call, but they could've just declared "Present". Had the 42 done that, the Yea count would've been 214 (a quorum is 218 -- what a bunch of wusses!!!). They didn't have to fall for that moldy, plebeian Rep trap of "you're either with us or against the troops" (although, Shimkus (IL-19 was probably in his element since he's the definition of plebeian). If Reps REALLY supported the troops, they'd bring them home -- yesterday.

Typically, the DCCC's only interested in self-financed candidates or ones that make good press & attract the big donors. Lots of money doesn't make a person a good representative of the people. As a constituent of Costello in IL-12 (the most conservative Dem in the IL delegation), I'd like the rich donors & the DCCC to start backing the candidates that have a backbone -- a pair of balls -- so we can have people represent us without falling for these platitudes. We need to get back to our Enlightenment underpinnings. It's the only way to reduce the social Darwinism. I think Jefferson's rolling in his grave because his Party has really lost it's true focus. Now it's all about monied self-interests acquiescing so they can spend the rest of their lives doing nothing for great benefits compliments of the taxpayers.

Not many know what an MPA is. You say it, & people hear "MBA". You tell them what it is, & they still have no clue. I got mine from SIU-Edwardsville in 2000. If I had my way, I'd require every elected office-holder at every level of government to have either the undergrad or grad degree.