Thursday, December 21, 2006

So... Where Am I?

After a year or so of having people try to find out who I am, I'm now faced with the dilemma of telling you where I am. It can't really hurt, or expose, me. There are so many others just like me in the area, it would still make it hard to put a finger on me.

I have joined the ranks of the underemployed, which is a funny way to put it: I am working two jobs.

Ever wonder why the unemployment numbers haved remained so low while so few jobs have been created under the Bush Administration? I don't anymore, since my own polling in the workplace(s) tells me that about 40% of all the people I work with directly at my two full-time jobs sit on either side of the oarlocks of the boat we're in together.

Mercifully, I am home (sort of) for the holidays. I say sort of because only the body is here today. Spirits are low.

I have taken more than a month off of the blog only because I'm so busy, and because (even though I knew in my heart it would happen), America has Fired The Coach.

There will be more from me. Likely, I'll send 50MO into a new direction this year. Fewer posts (more than likely) and a renewed focus on what goes on here politically 50 Miles Out of the Loop.

For some who wanted to believe that my tail is between my supple but muscular legs because of other reasons, you can keep peddling that nonsense in the comments. I won't disabuse any fool of their pursuits.

And yes, I promise some juicy cock pictures tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Nobody really gives a shit what happend to you or your situation.

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOh, so why did you log on to this thread. HRC writes one hell of a commentary. keep up the good work, and sorry you have joined the ranks of so many, takes two in my family, to hang on by the skin of our teeth!!

Anonymous said...

The first poster is some GOP hack. Get a life!

Anonymous said...

John Laesch is a god!!!!

Anonymous said...

man, this site is dead. where have all the thorns gone? blockheads, etc. all is dead on the western front..makes one want to drink liberally..bottoms up!

Anonymous said...

Ran across this site by accident. I won't bother coming back.

Typical liberal BS. Always blaming Republicans for their own shortcomings in life.

When they can't come up with facts, they always resort to personal attacks upon their "hated enemies".

Boring and unoriginal.

Anonymous said...

Just like a republican very little thought and no clear cut plan for success. Can you say War on Terror!

Anonymous said...

And the Dem's only plan is defeat?

I guess a war on terror beats additional taxes any day. Why don't you vote Bogo in for another 4 years of increased taxes and watch Illinois continue to go down the drain?

OnlyinAmerica said...

Sounds like our republican friends are a little mad not to worry George Ryan will ride in on his white horse and save us all.
Todays lessen kids is about the {war on TERRA}
for those of you sports fans keeping county Illinois Democrats 6 our repubincants 0. With their well thought out plan they couldn't even defend the strong 42nd state senate district.
Thanks for playing and it is only a few more short months until we have a new Pres in the White House and his name is Barrack.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again this is funny because the democrats are just a pack of little kids. Screaming and yelling about nothing that even makes sense. Maybe we can give all the democrats a bottle and blanket and they can rock themselves to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Talk about not making any sense. WTF is up with Dick Cheney?????????