Friday, February 03, 2006

What the...

Can someone explain how in the world the unemployment rate dropped 2/10 of a percent with 193,000 jobs created last month?

I'm on free wireless for a little while longer (another advantage of visiting Charlotte). Wish I had time to find a Robert Reich commentary somewhere.


Taylor said...

The numbers are adjusted due to the time of year, and many other factors.
I read back on some of your ranting about Hurricane Katrina. You make it seem like the hurricane is the size of that little dot. It is HUGE, it was on land way before "landfall." This hurricane was beyond the expectations of just about everyone that lives on the coast. I have a friend who left with just a car load of stuff, and when she got back to gulfport she had to look for her house. She had no idea it was going to be that bad. Everyone set camille as the benchmark for worste hurricane, but this one was far worse. It is also not the responsibility of the governor to get everone out of town. No one gets mad at Jeb Bush if people in Florida don't leave for a hurricane. Haley did a good job after the hurricane, it was the federal govt. that fell short. Also the govt. in Louisiana did not handle it very well, but the people in New Orleans are complainers. When Rita hit the other side of the state, the cajuns helped themselfs.
Sorry, expecially since you don't know me, but I live down here and it bothers me when people make loud statements on misinformation, my screenname is taygeorge5288 if you want to reply to me.

HRC said...
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