Monday, January 30, 2006

And This God-Damned Sonofabitch...

Would have been blown out of his fucking house slippers if Al Gore had rightfully occupied the White House.

Instead of taunting us with, "Missed me..."

Presidential transition taken into account, a Kerry White House might have gotten the job done by now.

Don't even fucking get me started.

And this crazy motherfucker would have had his limbs run through a fucking chipper before being sealed into a septic tank on a small farm in southern Illinois to be shat upon by the well-fed brasseros eating black beans, rice and molé three times a day.

I'll tell you what the God-Damned State of the Union is...


Kankakee Voice said...

Getting greetings from Obama and
Al-Zawahiri just before the Superbowl is being held in...DETROIT!!! Gotta make people nervous, they should be giving those foot players hazard pay.

Kankakee Voice said...

OH shit, I meant oSama, not oBama. damn.