Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Denny Hastert: Accountable To No One.

Period. Got that, fella?

That's what you get when you call and ask the staff how much he paid for his 192-acre estate, if it was a lump sum cash payment, if the mortgage on the house was taken during the closing or after. Maybe to provide some cover for a guy who pretends he just fell off the cabbage truck, and who paid millions in cash for an estate, eh?

Maybe it was for a loan to a family member, hmm?

In any case, ask Hastert's multimillion dollar press organization a tough question and you get a shove back.

That's all Heavy D and the boyz give the NPAT survey, too.

Because it's none of your business.

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Kankakee Voice said...

Ditto "Wily" Weller 11th CD. No comment on his last minute amendment to a must pass defense bill that will force control of the "alleged" Will County third aiport into local hands. And like Heavy D, Weller doesn't do NPAT. He also doesn't seem to talk to his staff much either, ask anyone (reporters, voters) who has ever called and asked a simple question to either the staff in Joliet or D.C. Always the same answer, "We haven't heard about that, or we don't know the Congressman's position" on that.

His sudden interest and action on the airport though intrigues me. Weller never does anything without a motive - maybe he's lining up his own group of millionaires for the Will County airport extravaganza?? He for sure never does anything just because it's the right thing to do! Hmmmmmm....