Monday, December 12, 2005

DOD Ships Dead Home as Commercial Cargo.

CNN just reported a heartbreaking story about how the military is shipping the cardboard caskets containing the remains of fallen U.S. soldiers in the cargo holds of commercial airliners.

Not military transport. Not military Honor Guards meeting the remains to honor war heroes.

Baggage handlers handle the cardboard boxes along with the other freight that's shipped in the hold.

They ride home with luggage. No flags.

Apparently, like hiring a company to serve (spoiled, in many cases) meals, it's more "cost-effective" this way.

Why doesn't Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert get on the phone, with all his "power and might" and give the DOD Hell about this?

Is it because he didn't serve, and got an interesting deferment to stay out of VietNam?

Is it because he wasn't aware of the horrible treatment our soldiers and their families are given in such circumstances?

Is it because he doesn't give a single God-Damn about it?

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