Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hastert's Political Tree.

J. Dennis Hastert can even politicize a God-damned tree, it seems.

I missed this TOTN piece last week while on the road, but it explains that it was, in fact, the Architect of the Capitol who changed the name of the Capitol Christmas Tree to a "Holiday Tree." Because he's Jewish.

By leaving it open to conjecture, you see, Hastert and his press aides at the Washington Times made readers struggle to make the connection between, oh, let's see... the 1990s and the party in power at the time, and... oh... CLINTON DID IT!

They're so crafty! Crafty, but dirty. And just in time for the Holiday season.

But wait just a minute, there. You could make a lot of this. Is Hastert thumbing his nose at Jews? They killed Jesus, didn't they? Ouch!

One could righteously demand that the number of pillars supporting the face of the Capitol be changed to five, to represent the Five Pillars of Islam. Perhaps we should light a National Menorah in front of the Capitol Reflecting Pool.

Diwali is already past, but its celebration, along with its symbolism, may cause quite a stir in D.C., Heavy D. Not among Hindus, however.

What about an annual National Memorial to the Native Americans? Oh, please! Who am I kidding?!

Not that we would all appreciate a Christmas tree that's planted on the Capitol grounds and living and growing. Oh, no. We wouldn't want to be tree huggers, now would we?

No, sir. J. Dennis Hastert can make even a Christmas tree into an ugly political symbol for the party he represents.

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