Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Denny's Long Christmas Vacation.

Wouldn't be great if you had a job where you only had to go to the office eight or so months out of the year?

Now, don't start a bitch about teachers. I'm talking about J. Dennis Hastert's latest under-handed move to bail out his mentor, Tom DeLay.

ThinkProgress reports today that Hastert and his goons have decided to open the first session of 2006 on January 31 to give DeLay a chance to move his case through the courts and possibly still be re-elected Majority Leader.

As we used to say when the opposing team ran out the clock in the last five minutes, that's a hell of a way to win a ballgame, coach.

Tell Hastert's lackeys that you won't allow him to shut down the nation's business for a month while there's work to be done. Unless Fristy follows Hastert, the Senate will be in session for two weeks before the House is back to work.

Give them a call right now.

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