Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tom DeLay=Baby Jesus

In the era when Abrasive Bastard=Diplomat and Denny Hastert=Political Genius (hold on, I just wet myself)...

Republicans want to make out Tom DeLay's image as if his face is painted over the head of Baby Jesus.

Come now. Here's a man who takes great pride in the handle, "The Hammer," and made himself by calling comparing the EPA to the Gestapo, and federal agents "jack-booted thugs."

Tom DeLay is a sonofabitch no matter how you shave off bits of the little bastard, and whatever he gets from the indictment handed down (not by Ronnie Earle but) by a Texas Grand Jury, he deserves it.

Why does Denny Hastert ally himself with people like Tom DeLay?

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The Black Sheep said...

Right on! I'm praying that the guy gets nailed to the wall big time, but since he has money and power that's not likely. Tom DeLay deserves jail time and whole lot more.