Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hastert Loses Again

Looks real at ease here, doesn't he? Not many images available of Denny's red-faced announcement that Blunt would succeed DeLay (hmm, Blunt? Delay?), but his disheveled appearance for 6 seconds yesterday said it all.

Hastert has lost yet another battle with the out-of-control Conservatives he's promoted for so many years.

First, he promoted Jim Oberweis for a run for governor (only to find out later that Oberweis is horribly afraid of Mexicans). Then Hastert's Kendall County cronies couldn't even get their own pick for county treasurer through the primary (he was soundly defeated by first-time candidate Jill Ferko -- who has turned out to be an excellent public servant as Kendall County Treasurer). Jill is aces, btw, and is not being associated with the out-of-control set; just another good Hastert loss.

Then along came the runaway loonies who turned on Jack Ryan and invited Alan Keyes to come to the rescue. Oh, yes. The Coach sat that one out, didn't he? He probably had no opinion (that's his traditional role as Speaker, dontcha know). At least no opinion that he could share publicly. He wouldn't even endorse Oberweis (who finished second in the primary, behind Ryan).

So why do House Conservatives like loud-mouth JD Hayworth (R-AZ) hate David Dreier, Hastert's choice to succeed DeLay?

Couldn't be Dreier's rumored lifestyle choices, could it?

Take pictures, if you can, sports fans. You're watching a melt-down of the GOP now in progess!

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