Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Where is the outrage?

If anyone doubted the (mock) sincerity and (feigned) outrage in March during Hastert's shameless Schiavo phase, I'm sure you're holding your breath for the reaction to this:

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) - A brain dead woman who was kept alive for three months so she could deliver the child she was carrying was removed from life support Wednesday and died, her family said.

Susan Torres' plight attracted worldwide sympathy after she suffered a stroke in May as she battled cancer. She gave birth to a
daughter, Susan Anne Catherine Torres, on Tuesday by Caesarean section.

``This is obviously a bittersweet time for our family,'' Justin Torres, her brother-in-law, said in a statement.

With the consent of her husband, Jason Torres, doctors at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington turned off Torres' life
support early Wednesday after she received the final sacrament of the Roman Catholic Church.

Hmmm. For whatever reason, Hastert's (nonexistent) statement from today is missing.

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