Sunday, July 31, 2005

Policy Stuff

It should be stated right up front that this blog has grown tired of Photoshopped pictures. Although funny, and sometimes outrageous enough to create a pee-storm in the office, they're just overworked. 50 Miles Out probably won't ever do Photoshopped images of subjects. Hell, our subject matter is weird and funny enough already!

One thing that won't be tolerated is vile emails and/or threats. Anything that comes over will be referred to the proper authorities for follow-up. It will also be posted in its entirety with your contact information. So there.

I'm also not ruling out finding you and beating the living hell out of you for sport. Because you know why? Shut up--That's why. See where this kind of crap leads?

I blog anonymously so you don't have to. Let's keep it that way, eh? If you don't like my opinion, do your own thing, and do it the hell away from me.

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