Sunday, August 21, 2005

Total Zero.

I should just point out that being raised a Baptist, I always had THIS image in my head whenever the pastor talked about Satan. Really. It's almost unbelievable (except pretty much everybody knows this asshole is the devil by now, whether they admit it or not).

Oh, how can one have a blog about Denny Hastert without throwing this schmuck's name in every now and then? Newtie is a pretty popular guy in the 14th District (even though he passed on a "Hastert for Congress" invitation around the time the blowjob scandal came to light).

Did anyone notice when this jerk (Gingrich) decided it was OK to come out from under his porch again? Just wondering. It's not on my calendar, but I know it happened a couple years ago.

Just curious. It seems that every weekend you can find new pontification from the famous friend of orphanages and various gummint haters. He's really become quite the... well, new guy to ignore. Because he's a zero.

No matter what anyone thinks of Hastert, he has one big anchor around his neck: he's friends (whatever that means in the GOP) with Gingrich. Any wonder why this Congress has about the same popularity rating as Gingrich did during his tenure as Speaker?

Here's something funny. Gingrich's initials are NG, which is slang for "No Good." There's a good reason NG's latest book's title is not being shortened to its initials. Yep. Winning The Future does not ring so solid when shortened to "WTF."

Although, "WTF" is always my reaction when I see this fleshy face on the tube on Sunday morning.

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