Saturday, March 08, 2008

Welcome to John Laesch's Freak Show.

In spite of this article of, well, national attention, John Laesch continues to behave like a spoiled, drunken kid about to beat up a girl.

And in spite of an earlier promise to announce his plans AFTER the special election, thereby avoiding stealing the thunder from Bill Foster, we now have this.

Jonny can count on being wiped off the map by the DCCC in any future attempts at public office.

Thanks, kid. I guess you showed your colors after all that nonsense about "We the People." Move on now.

By the way, Vote for Bill Foster today and send a message to Jim Oberweis: we might like your ice cream, but you're an asshole, Jim.

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Anonymous said...

I used to read your posts about Laesch and find them a little rough. But now, with the timing of this filing- whatever paper thin excuse he has for this timing- casting a cloud over Foster in some people's minds- I get why you don't like this guy. What a bag he is.