Saturday, February 09, 2008

Noland Not Nice To Candidate...

In a surprising bit of news reporting in today's Beacon News, Sen. Mike Noland of Elgin had this to say about Special Election Nominee Bill Foster:

Noland frequently described Laesch as the "true voice" of the 14th District, and said Foster "mailed it in, instead of walking and talking."

Not nice. But just the kind of crap I expected of Laesch and his surrogates.

As I said yesterday, Swallow, John.

And get your ass to work for this candidate.


Anonymous said...

I think that John Laesch deserves a lot more respect than you are willing to give him. To run against a millionaire like Foster who was able to outspend the Laesch campaign by a large margin, and still keep an election within a few hundred votes is quite an accomplishment.

I think John owes it to the district, and to his supporters to make sure that every vote is counted before throwing in the towel.

Anonymous said...

I think John Laesch should find that rock he crawled out from under and go home. He made one point and that is what a real jerk he is after all. Instead of saying hey we did a great job it not our time he starts his best impression again of being the great american novel. Nobody is buying John's nonsense this time maybe he should just come to terms he has lost 3 times now and when the recounting is done he will have lost 5 times. John Laesch is through his time has come and gone now it is time for him to quietly go in to that good tonight.