Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Underemployed, Underinsured.

Any wonder the stock market is having seizures? Here's an interesting bit of reality, and while true, it still ignores some of the more obvious things about BushWorld.

With so many married couples/households holding 3-4 jobs (between significant others), it's a fucking wonder the United Serfs of America haven't yet engaged in open class warfare.

I mean real Class Warfare (pitchforks, torches, etc.). Not this kind.


Anonymous said...

No Shit!

I'm getting a second full time job. I have kids that need to go to college and my wife and I just don't make enough. It SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

And we have another God Damn millionaire running for office. I'm sick of these rich fucking pukes who are running or ruining our country. We have enough of them in office.
They don't represent me. They represent their stockholders!

Vote Joe Serra for Congress in the 14th!

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree, but I don't know Who Serra is. Is he running for an office? Which office?

Anonymous said...

Rumor is that Mr. Serra is or will be running for Congress in the 14th. I heard that he was running with the Green Party though! I hope he does - He's really good.

Anonymous said...

John Laesch has reported to the Daily Planet that he was earned the endorsement of the Legion of Doom and Tom Brophy has just reported that he earned jag of the year honors from the young repukes.

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if the progressive council and the knights of the round table will be endorsing john laesch again. we are honored that the great tom brophy was the force behind these strong show of support.