Monday, July 24, 2006

Get Out Of The Way.

You've undoubtedly heard the old adage that if you "can't lead, learn to follow or get the hell out of the way."

How sweet the sound of late as we hear Newt Gingrich ramping up the volume on his "World War III" nonsense, Secretary of State Ferragamo yakking about not wanting a ceasefire in the Mideast crisis between Israel and Hezbollah, and King George's shallow, idiotic comment that once that Syrians tell Hezbollah to "stop this shit... it's all over."

Well, for some actual irony, let's look at who's "leading" our country. In case you need more than the hour-to-hour reminder you get from briefly scanning the headlines, it's a do-nothing moron who's never amounted to anything in life on his own; a man who has made a political career of siding with people who intentionally fuck up government to reinforce the underlying theme of their political commentary that government cannot solve problems because it is the problem.

Once you recognize that, and take it at face value -- and you must at this point -- you can clearly see that our government, which is formed from a group of wholly incompetent, malevolent nincompoops, is meeting all of its stated objectives.

By now, you can tick off an easy list of utter failures, all of which are the direct result of the GOP and the entire Rogue's Gallery of players they've assembled:
Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert
Election Fraud 2000
Energy Fraud in California
Intifada II
Repeated Economic Failures
Tax Breaks for Energy Waste
Explosive Growth of Government
Phoney Unemployment Numbers
Slow, Unabated Collapse of US Manufacturing
Slow, Excruciating & Protracted Death of US Automakers
FEMA Fraud to Buy Votes in 2004 FL Hurricanes
Election Fraud 2004
Monumental Breakdown of the WTO

At one time, I thought it was all part of a grand scheme. Now, however, I strongly believe every one of those failures was simply the result of rampant, unchecked, ham-fisted stupidity and negligence.

At some point, it's going to be clearly spelled out so it becomes obvious to even the moron contingent that these people are quite simply incapable of governing at any level. And if you have to justify that belief with some kind of proof, it will be the resounding proof demonstrated in every case I've listed, that these "leaders" justified their acts by blaming government for not being a solution.


Anonymous said...

This is a bunch of Bull shit we need John Laesch elected we need him elected and that is it. If You don't have the balls to vote for him then that's to bad.
Jim Feeley

Anonymous said...

When the "moral" "majority" movement came into power, backed by illegal contributions (ie fristy) common sence and governance wnet out the window. The current leadership is only concerned with unborn voters (kill the living ones) and "No Gays".

I guess we need this every so often to remind us that there is more to running a country than simply not liking the actions of half its citizens.

C Smith

Anonymous said...

Why elect someone who is just as immoral as the idiots you'd like him to replace?

Anonymous said...

"They may be crooks but at least there OUR crooks"

Anonymous said...

The SS acountablity has been dry docked for now. still need 1200 people to send john a dallar so he can pay for that jolyply.

Anonymous said...

What's that sinking feeling?

The SS Accountability going down or Mr Boy Scout's poll numbers doing the same.

Boy I can't wait for a decent canidate.

Anonymous said...

The Accountablity is setting sail. look for the return at the Kendall County Fair. We have allot of tricks up our sleeves We will be at Full stregth with our Progressive Ticket leading the way. Leader Birch will lead us to victory. All the people here at 50 miles out better watch out as we set sail to victory in November. Also we have a big annocement stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Leader Birch -- sort of reeks of Chairman Mao. But remember, one Birch does not a forest make.

Anonymous said...

You have just made Tom Brophy's list!

Anonymous said...

Say where is that pussy in one thread he says" I am not mad just think it is funny and would like to tell you all about how big my sgt major is" Oh well the guy has no balls must have lost them when we invaded grenda back in 1981. Thanks Tom for preserving our freedomn We salute you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh where, oh where has our little tom gone, oh where, oh where can he be. With his temper so short and his verbage so long, oh where, oh where can he be.

Anonymous said...

The Grenada invasion was in 1983, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Oi vay

dekalb progressive said...

Open response to Denny Hasert!!!
Sir you have an obligation to the people of the 14th district to hold an open debate with your John Laesch. Why are you afraid to debate him. We have been calling you out for 2 weeks now. We demand an answer now. Time is of the essence here with out debate their can be no honor. Are you a man of honor? John Laesch is that man.

Bridget said...

There goes that "Leader Birch" business again! Are you people serious or is this someone trying to make the Kendall Progressives look like nutjobs?

Anonymous said...

Leader Birch has a new student her name is bridget dooley!

dekalbprogressive said...

Leader Birch has many pupils and his star pupil is Tom Brophy. Welcome to the light bridget. Leader Birch and the John Laesch folks welcome your support. Long Hail John Laesch he will regein for 80 years with leader birch at his side.

Tom Brophy said...

You guys really kill me! Because someone asks the same question many of us are thinking - "the leader Birch" bullshit - you attack her. You folks really need to get a life!

uniongal said...

nobody here attackted bridget the people who are attacking bridget is your clown john laesch {see the soap box idiot} bridget is a great democrat who works hard for real democrats unlike you. why don't you do us all a favor pull your upper lip over your head and swallow. the only productive conversation you bring to the table is nothing. nobody wants to listen to your dirty mouth and insults so please unless you really care about defending bridget speak to the issue if not and you are only looking for brownie points go shove your nose up leader birchs behind. here's a tip dont forget to floss.

Tom Brophy said...

Hey uniongal - here we go with the "leader Birch" crap again. I gotta know - where in the hell did that one come from? By the way, who's the one with the dirty mouth and insults...."shove your nose up leader brichs behind"...Ya gotta do better than that.

By the way - I'm not defending Bridget - from what I've read she's MORE THAN CAPABLE of doing that herself. She doesn't need me or anyone else to do that for her (good for her too!). So, what's your beef uniongal? I don't even know anything about you nor have I ever had anything to say to or about you. I just go after the cowardly anons who like to throw tons of allegations without standing behind them. I wish I had more time for this.

dekalbprogressive said...

Tom please make more time the survial of our movement depends on good progressive patriots like you. Keep the faith Tom we know you are fighting for the right reasons.

Anonymous said...

Here is a riddle " Who does windows , wipes ass, and takes out the trash.
{ Hint he is everyones favorite grunt} Answer Tom Radar Brophy
This message was brought toy you by the committee to elect Fred Flintstone to Congress.

DekalbProgressive said...

Tom Brophy will wipe the floor up with you cowardily annyon why don't you show up to our camapgain headquaters and I promise you Tom Brophy will kick the shit out of You. I am so sick of the people here at 50 miles out that I am speaking for allot people when I say to you that we should call for a boycott. Jim Birch is a great democrat and John Laesch is the future he stands for truth justice , and peace. Who cares what you people think the only thing that matters is what we think. Any Body who gets in our way again will feel the wrath of our movement. I am sick of you cowards TEll US WHO YOU ARE REVEAL YOURSELF.

blabbermouth said...


wow, that's such a "progressive" stance. People who stand for "peace" yet promise to kick the sh*t out of others? Very non-peaceful. Reread your comment and tell me how that doesn't sound cultlike or like a rightwing nutcase, "Any Body (sic) who gets in our way again will feel the wrath of our movement." That's creepy. No one's getting in your way except you.

Oh yeah, while we're at it, why don't you REVEAL YOURSELF? Thought so!

dekalbprogressive said...
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Anonymous said...

Get a Load of this Shit this how they get out the vote the progressive way. This was taken from the progressive think tank. Protest Hastert's Pig Roast?
by: plainfieldrob
Fri Aug 11, 2006 at 15:41:04 PM CDT

In the Kendall County Record, I saw this event...

Pig Roast Saturday August 26th
Speaker Dennis Hastert and Illinois Gubernatorial candidate Judy Baar Topinka top the list of invited guests to the Kendall County GOP Pig Roast set for Saturday August 26th at Harris Forest Preserve in Yorkville.

Then I saw this...


On the way to the event at the Broken Spoke Ranch on a hot, cloudless day, the presidential motorcade drove past a scattering of anti-war protesters associated with Cindy Sheehan, whose soldier son died in Iraq. They waved signs like "WMD Lies Lost Lives."
White House advisers are predicting an active Bush presence on the campaign trail this fall as Republicans try to hold on to both houses of the U.S. Congress.

So let's discuss the obvious after the jump...

plainfieldrob :: Protest Hastert's Pig Roast?
We've got a bunch of progressives 'round here...let's see if a bunch don't want to greet Denny's guests.
Would love your thoughts on this idea...

Heck, I might even be willing to come and protest myself for a while.

And if you need inspiration, why not find it in this guy...



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Protest Hastert's Pig Roast? | 3 comments | Post A Comment

Protest Hastert's Pig Roast? (0.00 / 0)
Would be nice. 8/26 is also the Progressive Dems of Kendall County ( annual picnic (3pm-Dusk) in Bristol. Do you know what time Denny's pig roast is? William & I will be working the pdckc picnic that day. Might be possible to coordinate if schedule allows.
Anyone know if there is a calendar/events feature being considered on this site?


by: kpfarrer @ Fri Aug 18, 2006 at 09:54:16 AM CDT
[ Reply ]

Aurora Dems Pig Roast Aug 26
Have a smilar conflict, Aurora Dems Pig Roast is also the afternoon of Aug 26. (Cool Acres Park in Aurora)
Anyone here want's more info on this, hit the link above
for details.

And Yes there's already an Events Calendar here at Fireside. Please do include and add events for the local area within the 14th Dist or others in the near vicinity which have larger community interests or need attendtions.

Hope we can hookup sometime soon Kelly, sorry to have missed you at Montgomery Fest Parade. Great turnout from several campaigns, grassroot progressives and others that afternoon.

"I am not afraid of the pen, or the scaffold, or the sword. I will tell the truth wherever I please." Mother Jones


by: SAldrich @ Fri Aug 18, 2006 at 11:55:59 AM CDT

[ Parent ]

Thanks - found the calendar after my last post (doesn't display on most pages). Tried to add some events but "access denied". Would someone provide my account w/access? Thank you!


by: kpfarrer @ Fri Aug 18, 2006 at 12:30:55 PM CDT

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Protest Hastert's Pig Roast? | 3 comments | Post A Comment

This is a waste of time these morons can't get 20 people to walk in a parade and this is the big progressive democratic fundraiser well maybe they can drum up bussiness at the republican picnic. What a pack of morons.

JerryBartell said...

We need your help Denny Hasert is having his pig roast picnic and we need your help in trying to protest the picnic to make sure our side is being heard please help John Laesch get some imporant national press. CNN and Fox are following Denny and if we could get some attention then we will get our debate.