Monday, October 09, 2006

Half of Country to Hastert:

Fuck You, Asshole.

While half the district says the same to John Laesch, according to a small article in today's Tribune.

And you all thought I was an enigma.

I'm so fucking mainstream, I could vomit.


Political Insider said...

It's sad.

The Democratic canidate is a looser even before the election, and he can't get any message out that isn't all about himself. What a waste of $145,000.00. For that kind of money he could have raised an issue or two, perhaps one that might improve the lives of a person or two. Instead he, and his followers just whine about how they can't get the love.

Maybe all the hot-dogs Heavy D has eaten will finally catch up with him. He sure as hell won't get voted out of office.

Allright progressives.. bring it on. Tell me how I'm wrong, how it's all about getting any whack-job that calls himself a democrat elected, how JDL actuall has a prayer, how you will win your precinct, how JDL will set some sort of agenda, how I'm anti-democrat since I don't think he'll win, or how this is all some sort of republican set-up.

Go on, I dare you.

me said...


Who would have made a better candidate?

Rob7534 said...

I've lived in this district all my life, and always been a DEM at heart. Hell I didn't even know Laesch was running against Hastert!

I consider myself somewhat aware, an avid reader of progressive blogs, and I had to do a fucking internet search to find out about Laesch!

I live in Aurora! Where has Laesch been? Where's the PR? This seems really kind of half-assed.

I wish him well, I'll vote for him, because I won't vote for Hastert, but I aside from his online site, I don't know anything about the guy.

Local press sucks ass.

Anonymous said...


PR is expensive and running against Hastert in the 14th district it is very difficult to get heard. John's a decent guy and while he is young and not very experienced the time has come for a change. I can tell you that this blog is not the place to go for accurate information on the Laesch campaign. Unfortunatly the 5 or so people who post here regularly and HRC have an axe to grind and tend to be very negitive.

The Kendall County Democratic Central Committee meets on the 4th Monday evey month at the Panera Bread in Yorkville ( SE corner of 34 and 47 ). John usually attends these meetings and it is a good opportunity to meet him. The meeting info is posted at Join us.

uniongal said...

Thanks for posting Kelly glad top hear that you are still keeping up on current events. Just to clearify a few thing how ever to Rob please support whom ever you wish my opinion is tainted because I have met John Laesch and saw the nonsense that he has pulled. So please let me be honest with you in regards to that. I will be voting for the rest of the Democratic ticket on my ballot and there are several good people I am supporting. I can suggest several good people in Aurora as well so please go to the democratic headquaters which is located on Downer and learn more about real democrats.
Kelly is is quite nice to once again learn that you have a skewed sense of current events. Please do not lump several people that post here in with your Vendetta on society. I am sorry you never made head cheerleader; or that John never got his cub scout merrit badges because he couldn't take the pressure. Once again you leave out imporant details of recent history and try to spin the facts to your own way of thinking. Case in point there is no evedince that Dennis Hasert is a child molester however people in your camp{Ren Bahr} Letter to the editor clearly makes these charges. Tom Brophy alludes to this fact on your official organzation website. Once again the progressive whisper campagins have started. Lies and rumors with little to no fact. You are guilty of lieing. Sending the progressive Democratic committeman out in to there precinct's telling democrats that local campagins are republicans {Jack Sechrest sunday about John Crawford and Arden Plochard} Tom Brophy on Saturday about Elizabeth Flowers, Ken Musich, Ruby Gregg.Funny that sure sounds like sour grapes and that the axe you are swinging. Once again you have proven to be a solid example of what we do need in our leadership of the democratic party.

dekalb progressive said...

I can no longer tolerate the nonsense that is being spread about the fine folks that I support. I have tried to post postive things about my candiate and work hard on behalf of the Progressive Democratic party. I think maybe the folks here at 50 miles out should learn a little lessen you should have been taught as a child and that is if you do not have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. Personally if I ever have the chance I will encourage people to do two things.
1. Get their bottmons spanked like the bad little children they are!
2.Then have your mouths washed out with soap.
Good christians go by the golden rule. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. John Laesch is a good man with high moral standings after he is elected then we will have a congressman we can be proud of and an advocate of high moral standing.

Anonymous said...

Good point Dekalb. Uniongal as usual your just wrong. First I am not Kelly and second all that crap you just posted is an absolute lie.

Anonymous said...


As I see it you have a couple of choices. 1. You can listen to the vitrolic rants of the people who post here. 2. You can come to a Kendall Dems meeting and hear first hand who and what they support and make an informed decision.

Tom Boskas said...

Informed decsion wow that's a first progressives which are based in rumors and misleading statements. you are a true advocate for the mentally disturbed. great to know you can just post lies. rob you should go the progressive democrat meetings they meet twice a month and there is a two drink requirment 5 cover at the door and i gurantee you will leave laughing your ass off. It is truly comedic. Please let the rest of us know how it goes good luck rob.

uniongal said...

Honey the facts don't lie read your own website and read last weeks ledger. Read the peace and justice e-mails; question muncipal leaders, question democrats from Brophy and Sechrest precincts. You are doing a great job at making the case for why this county will stay republican. Is it the policy of the central committee to eat their own. Just an onbservation. After all it is just a retorical question please don't get upset.

Anonymous said...

Another intellegent and finely crafted post by a member of the HRC 5.

Anonymous said...

Come on now please don't have your get mad now your're just being ugly. Are you having purple day!! sounds like you need to go out and enjoy the day after all this is an imporant week for you guys. The rumor is that Larry King is personally coming to yorkville to throw a fundraiser for John where you are expecting 10,000 people to attend. I hear the Untied Center is open for your event.

Anonymous said...

I am not having my get mad now. I was being facetious.

Anonymous said...

being facetious means that you are becoming angry. it is the gateway to rage. are you feelging the pressure with only 28 days left no money the district ignoring you. the papers making fun of you. it is a little tough to swim up stream. well after all you have challenged everybody annyoed them now when you need the help of the state and national party they are nowhere to be found. have you really accomplished anything during this election. we will find out the answer on november 7th. please do not become upset when reality hits and JDL is a punch line at cocktail parties. please again go out and enjoy the day the weather is going to become stormy.

Anonymous said...

Imbeciles like you make this all too easy.

fa.ce.tious  /fə.si.əs/
1. not meant to be taken seriously or literally: a facetious remark.
2. amusing; humorous.
3. lacking serious intent; concerned with something nonessential, amusing, or frivolous: a facetious person.

Not quite sure where in this definition it means that I am angry.

However, so as not to confuse you, I have included the definition of the big word I started this post with:  /mbəs.l,
1. Psychology. a person of the second order in a former classification of mental retardation, above the level of idiocy, having a mental age of seven or eight years and an intelligence quotient of 25 to 50.
2. a dunce; blockhead; dolt.
3. mentally feeble.
4. showing mental feebleness or incapacity.
5. stupid; silly; absurd.
6. Archaic. weak or feeble.

Anonymous said...

So we are to take from your tone that yes you are angry and you are also not serious about wining John Race. That truly is an insight into the crack operation you are running down there in Yorkville. Funny do your psychology book give you the defination of mania. please look that up and you will find out that pretty much sums up what you are feelging right now. please again go out and enjoy the beatiful weather. Regain your persceptive and reexam those feelgings of wasted time that you could have been doing something constructive.

Anonymous said...

Oh ok, you are absolutly right, I am angry. Angry at the fact people who can barely put together a sentence and can't spell are allowed to vote. Stupidity is what got us in this mess to begin with.

By the way, I am doing something constructive. However, since I do not work for the Leasch campaign I do not feel I am wasting my time pointing out what a poor grasp of the english launguage you have. In fact, you make it so easy, I find it quite enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

language - oops typo!

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like you are getting those nerves to the breaking point. Calling voters stupid will not win you any support. is quite funny and yet sad that you have wasted valueable time that could have been spent on imporant issues that pertain to real life. funny how reality becomes your best friend. It is imporant for a person of your high expecations to find a purpose in life. For you it is chasing WINDMILLS!!! Hope you can find your purpose because life has a way of leaving you behind when you come down from that mania high. Keep up the good work!!! It sounds like you have your dance card filled with meetings with the tooth ferry, santa claus, and the easter bunny. Hope those meetings go well and you can garner john some support with the mythical constiencey. Well I have my dungeons and dragons meeting will be seeing JDL is there anything we need to discuss. Enjoy the beatiful day!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh - Very philosophical. I am not running for anything so I don't need support and I am not trying to garner support for John. It is obvious that the HRC 5 will never support the Kendall Dems or JDL. My only purpose is goad you into posting inane statements so it is obvious to others how insignificant your opinions are.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that a person like you who has nothing elese in their livers found a purpose. To be a fly on the wall well trying to gain some much needed attention because the rest of the sane world will not give you the time of day. Wow please enjoy the pretty day, enjoy doing your art work; the staff asks that you do not eat the crayons; and please take your meds. Enjoy the day hear they have a lovely activity planned for you for tuesday night phone banking for John Laesch.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - Nothing else in my liver? Not quite sure what this anal fixation you have with the weather is all about. Again, I have to say, this is another fine example of an intellegent, well thought out and informitive post by a member of the HRC 5.

Anonymous said...

Dekalb Progressive, you lose all credibility when you start basing your arguments on Christianity, or any such silly superstition. I haven’t been to the area for quite some time, but I assume there are still a few designated cult-houses where you can have good fellowship talking about such things.

Tom Brophy said...

Uniongal...what the hell does this mean....

Sending the progressive Democratic committeman out in to there precinct's telling democrats that local campagins are republicans {Jack Sechrest sunday about John Crawford and Arden Plochard} Tom Brophy on Saturday about Elizabeth Flowers, Ken Musich, Ruby Gregg.......

It sounds like you're acusing Jack and I of starting rumors about our candidates being republicans or some bullshit like that....where in the hell did you get that from? You must be hearing voices....

Talk about starting need to get a grip on reality! BTW, are you going to show up at this month's meeting so we can have that discussion...I really am looking forward to that and truly was disappointed when you couldn't make it last month. I would enjoy watching you lie to my face.

Let's knock off the crap and get to work...we have Democrats that should be elected...they need our help.

Political Insider said...

Thanks all for not dissapointing!!!

Anonymous said...

PI - Your just another of the HRC 5. I am sure we could look back and find many rude and obnoxious comments posted by you. So where do you get off making it sound like you are so above it all.

Political Insider said...

Hello sock-puppet. I see you're grasp of spelling and grammer is still as good as always.

This is all so funny I could shit myself. Where do I get off? Simple. I have 10 times the IQ of most people here. I can think. Most of you folks can't string an intelligent sentace together to save you're lives. TB is nuts, uniongal is a sock-puppet with the same hand up her imaginary butt as 3/4 of the annons and as many of the non spelling "named" folks here.

RB was probably right about 1 thing. Half the posts are from 3 or 4 folks. The rest are just too stupid to not take the bait. Let's face it, as far as the 14th is concerned WHO THE FUCK CARES? JDH will win, JDL will loose and nothing will change.

I'll take on any "progressive" in a game of chess. Not a one of them can think more than 2 moves out.

So in summery, yes. I've made MANY rude comments. AND, I'll make more.

By the way, thanks for swollowing the bait!

Dave W. said...

This is good. The Laesch Christian Progressives against the Democrats. I think we should have a 16 softball game - loser buys the keg.

I'm looking forward to election day just so I don't have to read about Laesch any longer.

I'm voting for Hastert as much as I hate him. Laesch is a worse candidate than Hastert. The lesser of the two evils IS Hastert.

Tom Boskas said...

Here is some intresting reading.
Note { John Barr is also known as Mike Barr who is the elected P/C for Oswego 14. He is by law required to live in his precinct and was one of the objectors in January to several precinct committeeman who supported the Flowers chairmanship. This letter was issued last thursday in the beacon news.
Dems ready for run

A recent "Politically Speaking" column muddled the facts and creates a false perception about the Kendall County Democratic Party ("Kendall Dems need unity to succeed," Sept. 19).

A few followers of the former county chair and a couple of disappointed campaign hangers-on from recently failed campaigns have been sowing seeds of dissension both in whispers and on blogs.

To exaggerate these few into anything but an ineffectual and marginal group of sour grapes is a disservice to your readers.

The current elected chair and those he represents are a positive, dedicated and focused group who have ended the fiasco of the previous chair.

Martin Flowers is responsible, in my opinion, for any division in the party and is responsible by his poor leadership for the failure of the party during his tenure. He is responsible for placing the 11 committeemen on the ballot improperly.

And he can use any excuse he wants, but in my opinion he did not run for re-election because he new he would lose.

It is important to note that many of the Democrats running for the Kendall County Board are creatures of the former chair and are a reflection of him. Still, they were offered support, if they choose not to accept the help, well?

John Laesch is getting support because he is doing a great job and deserves it. John can beat Hastert because working people are fed up with disaster Hastert.

And John Crawford (a Democratic County Board candidate), the Kendall Democrats are a group of great people who effectively got rid of an ineffective leader. You can watch how their candidates do in the 2008 elections because they are together and they know what they are -- Democrats.

John Barr

Just another statement of lies by the progressive democrats to derail real change in kendall county. Mr. Brophy please take your time in responding hope to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Wow - 10 times the IQ of anybody here. Are you judging this by your ability to play chess? Hmmm - good thing you got that self love thing going. It's probably the only sex you ever have.

dupageavenger said...

Laesch needs to get his stuff together and start doing his part. We in Dupage are starting to experience the fallout from Laesch and what he is (or rather isn't) getting done. I hope that other good candidates, like Duckworth don't get weighed down with him. Duckworth is trying to get things done, and spend her money wisely. She has some excellent, positive, TV commericals out there that are airing with very positive feedback. I have yet to see anything of the like from Laesch.

tbuxton said...




robert056 said...

That struck me as a little odd that a guy writing from Aurora would know so much about Kendall County democrats.

Glad I wasn't the only one. So that's Mike Barr in Oswego? Isn't he scab?

Anonymous said...

The thing about the Kendall County Democrats is that John Laesch is one of them and everyone in the area surrounding his district has been effected by his ripples.

dekalb progressive said...

I was working for John Laesch in Dekalb and we are walking this week in the Northern Illinois homecoming parade again this is a first for a democratic candiate to be invited to particpate. Anyway I was working down in Sandwhich and talked to allot of people about the state of america. 65 percent who took my survey stated that they will be voting for change. When I asked if they could support a bright and truthful veteran over 70 percent responded yes that is what we need. I hear according to recent polls John is leading Denny in the tri cities in Kane and has opended a huge lead in Democratic Aurora. to annon these are the ripple affects to which you speak.
The Torch has been passed with our national exposure increasing and John becomming a house hold name it is only a matter of time before Denny either resigns or is beatean in November. Hasert the diaster you have two choices and I suggest you take option b of pulling out of the race. We have evedience that you do not want us to expose.
To all you annon please do not shed a tear when denny winds up next to gov. ryan lifting weights in the joint.

Rob7534 said...

Wow, you guys like to argue!

Thanks for the info guys, I'll look into it somemore in the next few days/weeks.

Anonymous said...

The HRC 5 are the 5 morons who post the bullshit and lies about the J. Leasch campaign and the Kendall County Democrats on this site along with their dimwitted leader HRC. Their trick is to post under assumed names and anonymous to make it look like there are more of them. If your really intersted in finding out the truth about these organizations this is not the place to go.

Anonymous said...

Tom Boskas, while you may not believe it, everything Mike Barr said is true. Especially the part about the Kendall Democrats offering support. If you want to get together I would be happy to show you plenty of e-mails that were sent to the county board candidates offering help and support. Every one of them went unanswered. So who's full of shit now.

What a Maroon said...

No, really the best is today's Daily KOS, that is by far the best

He is such a paranoid Freak and you can see his minions are no better

Someone is coming to the office tomorrow to "sweep for bugs" after conversations inside the office were heard on a cordless phone outside of the office. We swept the office about 2-weeks ago, but things have changed over the last two weeks.

Tom Boskas said...

to anon I do not agree with the letter because there are two sides to every story. However I do appericate you defending people you support. The orginal article had allot of good points to be made; this party is not about the party chair but is about the members that make up the membership. This election is not about one candiate but about all candiates. These people showed the effort and dedication to seek office and are working hard. In order for this party to have a future this is where the arguement of the membership should be. Democrats in Kendall county need to focus on postive things the party is doing and move away from the negative. To be clear it is the progressive faction that has gone negative since the primary. People are looking for answers and leadership; they want to know that the goverment is working for them and that their basic quality of life is being insured. Again I have said negative things here and my opinion really doesn't count for much. The basic point that needs to be made here is a simple one Tom is right we need democrats elected so to the people of the blogs lets put the arguements aside and move forward.

Tom Brophy said...

To Tom Boskos...I really don't know how to respond to Mike Barr...everything he said happens to be least from my perspective. I know and understand that there are some who believe their own version of the truth...I can't change that and really don't want to try. That's old news that keeps floating back to the top. It's not being brought back to life by the current Democratic Party organization...we want it to stop and get on with the business of getting Democrats elected.

Regarding the "lies"...I really was hoping you would respond to my post about Denny's voting record...again, my version of the truth sees his record as very dismal. The information I posted under the other thread is just BS. It's difficult to hide behind the public record.

All of you anon's should climb back inot your really arean't bringing anything to the table here.

PI...I do believe you're a smart "fellow"...I'm not so sure you would be crown the "Chess king" a matter of fact, I would put my 14 year old son up against you any day...he's a good Democrat too!

OK folks....time to stop all of the bullshit and get to work. We have doors to knock on, neighbors to talk to, strangers to meet, literature to pass out, and phone calls to make. This could be our time - all we have to do is take it!

D.W. said...

I'm not part of the HRC whatever. I don't even know what all of this is about. I can tell you one thing though, I WILL NOT vote for LAESCH.

Laesch is a LIAR, a FRAUD and a confidence man. I do not trust him as far as I can throw him. I know Laesch probably better than anyone in here and I can say, he's not the person you see or read about. As I said, hes a liar and a con-man I absolutely distrust that guy.

Anonymous said...

D.W. you have a basis for this opinion or are you just paranoid?

Steve Dalton said...

Well here we go again our friends with the progressive democratic council have a problem with the 1st amendment. Hey comrade why don't you stop being parnoid.

Anonymous said...

"Someone is coming to the office tomorrow to "sweep for bugs" after conversations inside the office were heard on a cordless phone outside of the office. We swept the office about 2-weeks ago, but things have changed over the last two weeks."

I can't believe this shit. If I hadn't read it myself I would have never believed that John "Intelligence officer" Laesch wrote this.

Perhaps one of his supporters will be kind to him and tell him that if he's talking on a cordless phone IT'S NOT SECURE!!!!!

Any kid with a cheap scanner can listen-in. The easiest way to listen-in on someone is to sit within a BLOCK of the location and scan the PUBLICLY AVAILABLE cordless phone frequencies. If the phone is not a spread-spectrum DIGITAL cordless, the conversations are being sent out for anyone to hear. The only frequencies blocked-out of scanners are the 800mhz cell phone freqs, and even that can be easily defeated. He can scan for bugs all he wants, but after wasting his donors money the only security leak he'll find is HIMSELF!

But I'm sure he knows this, being the great intell expert that he is.

steve dalton said...

There is a little rumor going around about how we need another candiate to start a write in campagin. I personally think at this point it is a great idea. I have been reading the blogs all over the place and feel a good suggestion would be Tom Brophy. He has a great platform and crediable creditnals.
20 year veteran rose to the rank of sgt major in the army.
Community activist
Strong understanding of school issues.
Veterans advocate strong
Strong ties to labor
Passionate and Honest
Can reach across party lines!
Strong sense of community and belives in basic american values.
Tom is my choice to represent the average cizten from the 14th district point of view.
Persoanlly I would be intreseted if all counties in the 14th district would be intrested in helping to support Tom for this postion. I hope he will consider the run we still have few weeks and at least you don't always agree with him but at least he tells you his persceptive.
It is allot better than what we have now 2 candiates one who avoids the issue and the other who doesn't know the issues.

D.W. said...

I just choked on my ham sandwich after reading the endorsement of Tom Brophy for write in candidate.

I feel Like Mama Cass - although I look nothing like her and I'm a male... hold on... yeah they're still there.. I'm a dude.

The basis for my opinion of John Laesch is I KNOW HIM. I've spent time with him I've ridden in cars with him, I've eaten with him, I've been to meetings with him, I've spoken with him on a one on one basis, I've taken a crap in his toilet and he knows it - if you get my DRIFT".

I believe he's full of it himself and don't trust him.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, D.W. Although I have to wonder if taking a crap in his toilet is a literal statement or a euphemism for something else? :)

steve dalton said...

Oh comrade once again you make the case why we need another choice for congress here in the 14th district. It is quite clear that you and the progressive faction do not care nor to listen to the average voter and their needs. You have one intrest group and that is your own. Your quest to run goverment and impose your views sounds like an already failed poltical experiment. Since John is the offical candiate of the Progressive Democratic Party and not trully looking to express the core belifes of Democrats then again I will ask for a write in campagin and ask that Tom Brophy please consider his taking up the rights and being the voice of democrats and the average voter in this district.
We already live in an america where you are mocked for expressing your point of view. We do not need two more years Of another special intrest group high jacking our democracy.

Steve Anderson said...

I think we are losing our heads here people are entilted to speak their piece. However just looking at things from a local point of view there is a need for another choice. Being familar with Tom Brophy and his dedication to the people of kendall county would make Tom a suitable late entry for that postion. My understanding if he decided to run he could generate some support through labor and veterans groups. Tom also has support from homeowners groups through out the area and enviromental groups. Tom makes a strong argument on behalf of the basic core belifes of democrats and he also appeals to the liberal faction that has yet to support John because of his treatment with Ruben. Well it is worth asking Tom if he would consider this in my opinion he would hubbly not because he has pledged his support to John Laesch.

Tom Brophy said...

To Steve Anderson and Steve way!

First let me state that John Laesch is NOT the candidate of the "prgressives"...he is the duly elected DEMOCRATIC candiate for the 14th Congressional District. He was CHOSEN by the DEMOCRATIC voters of this district...he was not appointed or slated in by anyone...HE WAS CHOSEN BY THE MAJORITY OF THE DEMOCRATIC VOTERS IN THIS DISTRICT.

John Laesch is my choice for US Representative in this district. We dont' even have to talk about all of the "non-work" good ol' Denny hasn't done on our behalf. It's enough to know that Denny chose to protect his party and attempt to protect his party's majority in congress instead of choosing to protect 16 year old's in the page program.

John Laesch is the DEMOCRATIC candidate for US Congress...that makes him my candidate...

Let's knock of the BS...stop trying to turn the discussion away from fat Denny....time to get to work and get Democrats elected!

Matt Spencer said...

Tom According to several websites and by your own admission John Laesch is not a Democrat he calls himself a progressive. When you go to either the DNC Website or the DPI website there is no mention of Progressive. However here in Kendall County we seem to have two democratic movemnts one called the Kendall County Progressive democratic council and the Kendall County Democratic central committee which was recently taken over by henchman from the council. You use words like legally elected and progressive patiriots like they are badges of honor.
People all over the county are confused because the basic core belifes of the party are not being represented. It is a known fact that members of the progressive council worked to support and garner votes for a republican candiate in last springs primary.
Cutting deals behind the closed doors of the progressive play house is not an open and frank disscussion or helping to grow the democratic party.
You choose to table the discussion because you do not have your shadow to hide behind. People in this district were fed a pile of garbage by these supposed democrats. We have read the paper seen the manifisto of communist views that follow from your river of lies. You want to be the party of inclusion and want to represent the people honoring our four fathers basic princepals of libert and freddomn. Then put down Karl Marx stop trying to Stalin us and answer the question once and for all. We invite your nominee to answer this question first hand!!
What makes you a better choice for the average voter here in the 14th than Denny Hasert?
Don't give us your communist spin, tell the truth and don't try to fool any more voters your republican friends have left you and it's now between you and the voter. What is your platform Laesch ; oh yeah you do not have one.

Anonymous said...

We have read the paper seen the manifisto of communist views that follow from your river of lies. You want to be the party of inclusion and want to represent the people honoring our four fathers basic princepals of libert and freddomn.


Friends of Laesch said...

Some Bed time stories for our friends at the Communist Council!!!

Sticks and stones may break John Laesches bones but names will always hurt that little pussy.

Ashes to ashes Dust to dust
John Laesches little peepy just got knocked off.

Old Denny Hasert went to the cupboard to check John Laesch a bone; when to speaker bent over little Johnny gave the speaker a bone of his own.

One Good burn deserves another hanging between Denny legs is John Laesch's mother.

This message was brought to you by Friends of John Laesch!!!!

union gal said...

Ok there has been quite a bit written since I last posted. Please forgive me I am tired working two shifts at my job is becoming a strain. To Tom Brophy if you want to meet in a dark alley so you can beat the crap out of me please tell me where and when. I would like to make sure the media is there so they can witness for themselves the caliber of fine community people that John Laesch has supporting them. Advocating beating up women seem to be right up their alley.
To the annon person who does not like my take on the history of Kendall County. Well sweetie if you would like to join Tom in that Dark Alley please let me know a time and place. After all just paid my insurance bill.
To Tom Boskas cool you are now drinking the Laesch and Brophy cool aid did Tom at least Lube up before he inserted the sgt major.
Well with all this national media attention for our little weird friend the reality seems that he will win congress. Well I am in the process of pulling a Jach Sechrest selling my house in one precinct and moving to another so I can run for Precinct committeeman to help over throw these progressive pussy. Bob Haulser who is my Precinct committeeman seems to be doing a good job. Like when he stops off to drop off signs and chat about the party. We disagree about John Laesch thou and that is ok.
Well the last post for a while from the union gal. Hope hell does not freeze over on November 7th. Instead the clock will turn 12:00 and Cinderella will be going home on a tricycle.
One parting shot for Mr. Brophy how does it feel at the end of the day to know that you fucked your own neibor and the whole neiborhood knows it. Well the best of luck to you pussy.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah..

shut-up and vote.

Anonymous said...

Union Gal seems a little bitter. As distance makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe you would consider a little farther than a precinct.

Julia Krieger said...

I believe as the Republican was hijacked by the christian right. The Democratic party is being hijacked by the cristian left.

The "progressive" democratic party?

PEOPLE READ THIS. This "progressive" democratic party is nutty, nutty as the christian right and just as weird as Germany's Social Democratic Party. I think us DEMOCRATS need to copy write the name Democrat.

The progressive candidate in the 14th is not unlike Lyndon LaRouche and is probably a spinoff of the failed LaRouche campaign in the 80's. Laesch wants to bring prayer back to our schools and for that reason alone I will not vote for him.

Tom Brophy said...

To REALLY need to get back on the meds...where in the hell did the "dark alley" and "beating the crap" our of anyone come from...I believe you must be delusional. Also, what is the "you fucked your neighbor" crap??? I orginally, and truly thought you were a reasonable I think your very disturbed. You're just like the other young repugs who like to make shit up...very sad.

To all of you c"communist" spewing pukes...where in the hell did that come from? John Laesch is the Democratic nominee from the 14th congressional district - PERIOD! Get over it. You little young repug pukes need to stop trying to change the conversation from Denny - your fat hero. I've already put out what Denny DOESN'T vote for. Everything that John Laesch supports is on his web site...oh, I forgot, you guys have a problem with comprehension, reading, and writing...

I would also like to know where in the hell you ever read that John Laesch wants to bring prayer into the schools...that is a fucking idiot!

As far as there being two factions in Kendall county Democratic politics...again, that's just plain BULLSHIT! Jack Seachrest is Chariman of the PDCKC, Jim Birch is Chairman of the KCDCC - guess what else...both attend each others meeting and work to mutally support each other. It's really a wonderful thing to have two organizations that work for a common goal - getting Democrats elected and promoting the Democratic Party's agenda. Something you young repug's might learn from..oh, I forgot again, you're really untrainable at this point - sorry for you!

Uniongal...if you feel like talking, I'l;l be at the next KCDCC meeting on Monday, 10/23/06 - 7:00PM at Panera in Yorkville. You're always welcome to attend and talk. I know it's easy to write on a blog where nobody knows who you are - that way you don't have to be accountable for your words and accusations. It must be nice to ba able to look at yourself in the mirror after attempting to spread lies. You guys really make me laugh - you're unbelievable.

Time to knock off the BS - let's get to work and meet our neighbors to get Democrats elected. Like I've said before, this is OUR TIME - all we have to do is TAKE IT!

Brian Sampson said...

Tom union gal is out of line as far as the rumors they are like opinions every one has one.
Please take a look again at what you are supporting why does Kendall County need two demo0cratic parties. Is it so Jack Sechrest and Jim Birch are co- chairs {Jack Sechrest is an elected precinct committeeman for the democratic party} Unless he is planning to overthrow Birch in 2 years with your help do you need to contiue to divide the resources of the party. The reason this group was formed was in protest of the olod leadership. I guess the hand wrting is on the wall. Tom you have to much time on your hands. Once again you reinforce the call for change in our local poltical struture.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify something to everybody here. The PDCKC and the KCDCC do not represent two seperate Democratic parties. The PDCKC is a totally different organization. Granted Mr. Birch used to chair the PDCKC and alot of members of that organization are now on the board of the KCDCC however the PDCKC is working towards redifining what its goals and purposes will be in the future and plans to work with the KCDCC when both organizations have common goals, however it will be a totally seperate organization, with its own goals and supporting its own agenda. Just because it has Democratic in its name does not mean that it functions as a parallel organization.

There are plenty of organizations that have Democrat in their name but you are not leveling these acusations at them. Example: Illinois Democratic Women, Young Democrats of Illinios, etc.

The PDCKC's leadership structure has totally changed and since everybody has been concentrating on the election the PDCKC has not had the time to restructure itself as an organization.

So get a grip!

Tom Brophy said...

Well said anon...these are 2 separate ind distinct organizations that support each other. That seems very clear to me. The PDC KC can do things that the "regular" organization cannot as there are no ties to the "regular" organization. It's kind of nice not having to worry whose toes you may step on.

I believe the PDCKC will move toward supporting issues. They will help to define issues. They will work to bring issues to the front - just as any other politically active organization does. It is a good organization and gives democratic residents of Kendall County more choices.

That ain't wrong!

Anonymous said...

What ever progressive democratic party is a new poltical party that nominated John Laesch and by your own accord is not afficalted with the offical democratic party. So now your tune is Jim Birch is bad and Jack Sechrest is the new ruler of the progressive unverise. Once again you are not Democrats rather you are communist.

Dupage Avenger said...

a couple of questions that need to be asked!
Why does the kendall county democrats need two organzations?
Why won't you tell the truth and come clean with the voters about your dislike of your current chairman?
Why Don't you and the annon person tell the world of your plans to once again strike down the democratic party?
Why don't you tell the world about your anger towards John Laesch because he is not responding to your requests about the veteran issues?
Tom if you would like to talk I will be at the next meeting please just post directions.

Anonymous said...

Another intellegent response from the HRC 5

Anonymous said...

That is such a clever comeback.
Was that on page 5 of your progressive training manual under
The teachings of Stalin and Marx
the section on cooperative communication between you and your comrade!!!

Tom Brophy said...

First to anon..where in the hell did you come up with "Jim Birch is bad and Jack Sechrest is the new ruler of the progressive unverise." Perhaps you should go back and re-read what I posted truly do have a comprehension problem - you idiot! You're really not worth the energy I expend breathing while I type back to you....

To dupage avenger...nowhere did I say "the kendall county democrats need two organzations". I said that the PDCKC is like any other politically active organization. The get involved with issues..they have the ability to endorse candidates during primary elections, they can choose to support issues that may not be mainstream democratic party issues. They are no different than any other political action committee. What I like about the PDCKC is that it is an organization that is based on the democratic party. Nowhere does my post say anything about striking down the democratic party...are you using any illegal drugs?

Avenger, if you would like to talk and see what these organizations are all about - PLEASE JOIN US. The KDCC meets on the 4th Monday of every month and the PDCKC meets on the 1st Monday of every month. Meetings are held at the Panera Bread in Yorkville. We would love to talk and find out how you became so misinformed. Although, I tried this with union gal and she (or he - who knows?) never showed up. Come out and see the spirit of cooperation that exists between the 2 organizations.

About John Laesch and veteran's issues..again, I think you must be on crack or something.. he is one of the greatest supporters of Veteran's issues. There are many around the state of Illinois who are involved with Veteran's issues who support John Laesch because of his support for us. VetPac (from VVA and VVAW) have come out and supported and endorsed John Laesch because of his stance on Veteran's issues. Sir, I strongly suggest you get off the pipe!

Finally, to anon (again)...John Laesch was not nominated by the PDCKC who, like you say, "is the new poltical party that nominated John Laesch". If you could read and/or had reading comprehension skills above a 6 year old you would have read that John Laesch was chosen by the majority of the DEMOCRATIC VOTERS who live in the 14th Congressional District. There is NO NOMINATING process ofr anywone who chooses to run for the US Congress - you idiot! (Although, I must admit that the US SUpreme Court nominated our President for his office in 2000).

You young repugs are really getting can try to move the discussion from Denny's dismal record..but I'll keep bringing it back..tell what good ol' Denny has done for those of us int the 14th lately. From where I sit, I see NOTHING!

Time to get to work, we have 25 days left. Go talk to your neighbors, talk to strangers, talk to everyone you see and let them know that there is a better choice than good ol' Denny....his name is JOHN LAESCH!

Anonymous said...

Cooperative communication requires both sides to be cooperative. Spewing bullshit is not cooperative communication! The idiot statements made by the trolls does not warrant a reasonable response. Calling me a marxist or a communist just makes you look stupid.

Tom Brophy said...

I am in love there is nothing more to say. He is special with all the promise of capturing my heart. His views make me want to sing and dance. Everyone time I not near him the fondness in my heart grows. There is only one man for me and he is{his name is JOHN LAESCH! } Good night sweet prince until tomorrow when 24 more days until we can be together.

Tom Brophy said...

Here we go jerk-offs continue to write crap using someone else's name. I have no problem with you slamming me. Have the balls to use your own name - I have the balls to use mine. I have a good idea - from now on, I'll call myself fat Denny - what kind of crap will you post under that name.

If you have the courage to bring the discussion back to your boy Denny - great - let's do it. However, it's clear you don't. You continue to post BS under someone else's name - that tells me a lot about your agenda - straight from the book of Rove. You are sheep - you follow blindly that which the repugs tell you.

I'll continue to work for the Democratic voters in my precinct and Kendall county. You assholes should go back under your rock.

Let's get to work - there are Democratic candidates who need our help. We need to let our friends and neighbors know what a "do-nothing" Hastert is...we need to let people know that there are great candidates like Frank Craig, Linda Homes, and Joe Serra that need our votes. We need to let folks know that we can change the face of our County Board by electing Arden Plocher and John Crawford in District 1 and Liz Flowers, Ruby Gregg, and Ken Musich in District 2. We need to let everyone know that Hastert must go and JOHN LAESCH is the guy who will replace him in congress.

To the jerk-off who posts under my name (like the last "tom brophy" post) - grow up and grow some stones!

dave w. said...


You Laesch's are so funny. I was at the meeting too - the night we talked about this BLOG being so anti Laesch. I'm glad you all listened to Laesch when he said we have to show our numbers in here and fight back against the anti laeschs.

Too bad I'm anti-laesch. I just think he is the worst of the two candidates. They both bad, but laesch is worse. I don't think I've ever really hear him talk about issues. Whe ever I pick up the paper and laesch is mentioned, I just hear laesch complaining. He's only calling Hastert names but has no creative ideas of his own.

I think Hastert is a better candidate regardless of what he failed to do. He has more experience. He has more influence - even with the scandal. He has more power than laesch too. He'll continue to bring it home where laesch might not bring anything home. He'll walk back home empty handed - no fed $$ coming back here again for a long time if laesch wins.

I'm voting for Hastert for the first time ever.

{Fat Denny} Tombrophy said...

The other day I walked to the store to buy a pack of squares; when all of a sudden I saw the most hated man in Kendall County. The man who is trying to keep my man out of congress and keeping me from moving on up to the east side. With my passion went threw me I said" hey penis if you have a problem with my man bitch; then you have a problem with TDB.} Once again the rather large geneteleman said Who are you talking about! I said hey bitch you know who that is his name his name is JOHN LAESCH! And he is going to kick your ass; with that I bitched slapped him and said their will be victory in the land and my man is buying me that new mink coat.

Anonymous said...

The facts about Dems in Kendall seem to be obscured on a daily basis by Tom Brophy and others of his ilk, but the existence of two Democratic parties is a reality, not a fantasy. Tom and his band of progressives do no represent the views of mainstream Democrats. Consequently most LIBERAL Dems (not PROGRESSIVES, whatever they represent) want nothing to do with Jack Sechrest, Tom Brophy, Jim Feeley, Jim Lausier and the rest of the Kendall loudmouths who think they performed some sort of public service by ridding the county of folks who worked very hard to establish a Democratic base. The problem with destroying anything is that a void is created when nothing replaces it -- there is one hell of a big hole in the Kendall Democratic party. I have seen absolutely nothing positive coming out of the PROGRESSIVES -- they are against everything and stand for absolutely nothing. As for John Laesch, those who know him best seem to be running in the opposite direction as quickly as they can -- ever hear of vetting candidates? John's propensity for violence, his racism & his lies are no secret -- while Denny may not represent the views of mainstream Democrats, he's definitely preferable to his opponent; there's nothing wrong with skipping a line on your ballot on November 7, but a vote for Least (as he was referred to in the Ledger Sentinel) is the waste of a perfectly good pencil mark.

Anonymous said...

You can bitch all you want but the only people who give a shit that Marty is gone is Marty and the rest of his rump ranger buddies. All 5 of them. Perhaps all you mommies boys should hook up and start your own organization. Bylaw number 1: No anal penatration without a reciprical reach around.

Anonymous said...

dave w - who gives a shit what you think.

Anonymous said...

You are invited to the next fundraiser for John Laesch
Date any night of the week
Time when it fits your schedule
Place the blue oyster bar
Attire what god gave you
so come out and dance your blues away help paint the world the color of the rainbow and there is a door prize for the contestant to who can fit the unversial color of purple into the color scheme of red,pink,lavander
to rsvp please call the campagin social director tom brophy at 555-Ihot.
dont be left out with 24 days to go don't be a specator be a particpant tickets are 1000 and space is unlimited.

Anonymous said...

The previous idiotic message brought to you by the HRC 5

Anonymous said...

"The previous idiotic message brought to you by the HRC 5"
This message was brought to by
Friends of Tom Brophy
Kendall County Democratic Progressive Council
Shawow of Knights
KDCC Progressive's for Laesch
FYI Pagan
DOT Communists for Laesch
So we have all your shadow groups now just please clearify if we missed anyone.
This message is brought to you by
Hasert Relection Committee
People for a Better Way Of Life
The Kendall County Peanut Gallery
Truth in Goverment
Swift Boat for Justice
Log Cabin for Laesch
Republicans For Hilary
Brothers in Arms for Tom Brophy

Anonymous said...

We have formally been introduced!

Anonymous said...

Your paranoia runs deep, dude.

Peasceful in Kane said...

Wow this stuff is becomming bizzare. Thank god we do not have these kind of probelms in Kane. I have met John Laesch and my opinion is simple I will vote for him because he is democrat; however I wished we had a stronger candiate. To me the guy is flat and really does not offer any good ideas. You have two choices either vote for Denny or vote for a movemnt of change in a democratic congress. John proably if elected will serve two years; but the congress will be in democratic hands. The folks down in kendall need to go to group consuleing and fiqure out what you guys are doing. If John Laesch is the best you guys can do down there then maybe you should all get out of poltics. At least here in kane county we have a plan and well it is better to vote for this guy who will be inaffective then leave Denny in there.That's my two cents worth.

fred flintstone said...

One is truly amazed after reading this collection of toliet humor by both sides. On one side you have sour grapes and on the other a collection of misguided people who really think that hey are going to win. THANK GOD FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. You people really have way to much time on your hands.

Tom Brophy said...

This is getting far too bizarre...too many young repugs chiming in...too many folks spouting sour grapes over the primary...too much bullshit!

I've got too much work to do - you should be doing the same. Go get Democrats young repugs continue to amuse me..if you weren't so pathetic, I might be concerned.

Anonymous said...

Tom, you are a lying bastard or have lost your grip on reality.

Saying that there isn't a second democratic party that took over is a nice bit of revisionist history. Nice try jerk. A quick check will show that Jim Birch BRAGGED about taking over the party because he didn't personally like the former chairman. He also said that he used his buddies in the PROGRESSIVE COUNCIL to do it.

You come on here and lie.

You say that "Repugs" are causing all this greif when you KNOW that's not the case. That is called lying.

You are a repugnant lier.

When you use the term "Repuke" you say more about yourself and you cronies than anyone else.

You and your delusional friends disgust true democrats.

Please go away, die, or crawl back in your hole.

Your rants help Republicans, not democrats. If you gave a rats ass about the party you would throw away your computer and never show your repugnant face in public.

Go to hell asshole!

Phil Vanderlinen said...

Tom we salute you sir and the communist over at the progressive council. The fact that you spend all night worrying about what we as you call us young repukes think is enduring. You would like to have this debate about the great speaker then here we go.
- Denny has brought resources in from washington case in point the road you drive on to enter your neiborhood called route 34; denny helped to make that happen.
Aurora Unversity; the school of edcuation the building was named after him.
How about your local schools that have benefitted from grants that Denny helped to secure.
Sullivan road bridge in aurora federal money.
The Oswego Water Treatment Facuilty you know the water you drink made possible by a federal grants.
You say Denny has not done his job and is guilty of forgetting where he is from. Hey buddy how about the fact the man has parks, streets, buildings, post offices.
Denny never did anything for the Veterans check your facts chief it was Denny who went to bat for Illinois Veterans back in 2002 about helping them secure their special liesncese plates.
Well since you and your communist friends are keeping score what is John Laesch track record. Oh yeah he does not have one. he has no idea of what he should be doing except what he read in a book{poltics for dumies}
Every road you drive on, every time class opens in the morning in every elementary, high school, college in the 14th district that is dennys work.
Every time you go to a new post office in this district to mail your letters DENNY.
Every time you need something how about picking up the phone and asking.
You points are like the tictanic all show and no go until you hit that big ice berg.
If you have a problem with Denny then Bring it until you have facts to back up your lies then zip it.
We have an event coming up check our county web site and bring your friends. Come and share with us your bullshit and lies.
Tom you do not have the common sense to come in out of the rain!!!
In Conclusion why don't we debate this funny little fella simple he not imporant. The people who matter are the great folks that get up every day and call the 14th district home. Denny is the man of the people and is going to be relected to pursue doing the work of the people. Come back in two years and we get do to do this all over again. Kicking your ass to the curb and showing the world why Denny is Mr. Speaker.
Look forward to your response!!!!

Tom Brophy said...

Hey jerk-off...if you're not one of the repugs, you sure are a bad representation of the Democratic Party. Since you seem to know so much about how the democratic organization in Kendall county works...let's get some of the real facts out here..

1st - the PDCKC was formed because Marty Flowers, et al were a bunch of do-nothings. The party spun its wheels during his tenure...the PDCKC was formed so that a group of interested and dedicated democrats could do something for other democrats in Kendall, clearly, are full of not only sour grapes, but bullshit as well.

2nd, once Marty, et-al decided not to run for the position of Chairman, the PDCKC and the KCDCC got together to mutually support one another - you really do have shitty reading comprehension skills - you fucking idiot! Take your time and read this very slowly if you must, THERE IS ONLY ONE DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEE IN KENDALL COUNTY. There are many democratic organization in Kendall County, like the Democratic Women's Organization, The Young Democrats, Democracy for Illinois, and YES THE PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATIC COUNCIL OF KENDALL COUNTY. If I could draw pictures on this post, i would. Perhaps you would be able to comprehend that then.

Don't tell me about how I'm helping the repubs - you, jag-off, continue to bring this piece of shit, old news, split in the party - that no longer exists - to the surface. It's over -YOU NEED TO LET IT GO! Perhaps the sour grapes run too deep to allow you to let the Democrats in Kendall county move forward.

Guess what - you have nothing but BULLSHIT to spew. If you really are concerned about the Democratic Party in Kendall County - show up at a meeting and help out. It's easy to bitch and moan behind an anon post - stop telling me what you know and start showing me what you know - JAGOFF! Perhaps you could go to John Laesch's office or to Linda Holmes office and pick up some yard signs. We could use the help getting them out. The repugs are in trouble - as I've said before, this is OUR TIME - ALL WE NEED TO DO IS TAKE IT.

Time to start knocking on doors. One last item...I feel your hatred and really don't care - JAGOFF!

d.w. said...


I'm a DEMOCRAT not a "progressive" and just because I don't agree with much that you have to say, doesn't make me a republican.

so FUCK YOU and FUCK that lying sociopath LAESCH.

Robert Mulligan said...

Dave thanks for helping to keep the hope alive. Mr. Brophy never address anything but what he wants to address which is why he has selective perception. News to the world there are two Democratic parties in Kendall County and the Progressive council is once again up to their old tricks trying to stall democratic issues here in Kendall. To speak to the Democratic Women of Illinois and the Young Democrats of Illinois these are two reconized by the democratic party of illinois who work directly with the party chairman and the state central committee of the democratic party of illnois. The progressive council is not reconized by any offical branch of the party. Even on a local level. Tom you are misinformed and as far as the Democracy for Illinois chapter they have asked to be charter by the Democratic party of Illinois.
That is like the Veterans For Family Progress are not way afficlated with any legitmate Veteran Organzation in the state or the nation. This is a shadow group that was formed to support John List and other candiates who could not find support from the tradtional democratic support.
Once you have clamed down Tom clearly reread your posts and following along because you and the Laeshes are on borrowed time.
There will be changes in 2008 and you are not part of the movement.
Also if you are truly supporting Linda Holmes and Frank Criag where are their signs. Linda has about a handful and Frank is being shut out. Are you going to tell me that they haven't gotten you there stuff. BULL Shit dirty mouth!
When reality returns and the day of the progressive blunder is over then there is allot work to do to regain some sense of accountablity and responseablity this party has lost in the voters eye's. Seems that the truth will unfold here in a few weeks. Tom several people are looking forward to you falling flat on your ass and when it happens you blame yourself and noone elese. Please send back to the council of communists 23 days and counting until the average person in this district rises up to end your regein of terror.

Anonymous said...

Tom you are one dumb fuck!!! You have been told to stay off the blogs and quite misrepresenting the democratic central committee. once again jim feeley has pleaded with you to stop with the hatred and fueling the divide in this county. 5 minutes after birch took office you started with people about how you only support certain candiates who you find personally attractive candiates. At the may meeting you were told to cool your jets and let the process play out. Promises you have made to your fellow precinct committeeman have been broken. Your behavior begs the question do you deserve to be party of an imporant body of people who make the descsions on behalf of the county democratic community. People have asked you constantly to please put the rhetoric on the down low. We have asked you to please use some sort of disgresion when posting on the official web site. Our requests have fallen on deaf ears. I am a silent precinct committeeman who got involved to see a change on all levels because democrats have never reallly held a foot hold around kendall county. This week steve lord did a story about the local elections and it was nice to see that 5 democrats stepped forward to seek office on a local level against 5 republicans. It is nice to see John gaining some respect and Fran Craig and Linda Holmes making a differnce.
I have listen to you bully fellow committeeman at the meetings and have kept my mouth shut. Recently I attempted to put together a meet and greet for the people of Little Rock Township I spoke with members of the progresive council and central committee to help support this event. Again I was met with that is not a very good idea and it would only serve to embrass the party. Tom Brophy went on to say that we have to be careful who we support because not everyone is loyal to us.
I am finally out of time and patience with all this nonsense. With leadership like this it has become the same way it was when the old guard was running things.
Tom Brophy knows who I am and I am sure he will deny ever saying these things because this seems to be what he is best at.
Wish all the local, Frank Craig, Linda Holmes and John Laesch the best. Joe Serra as well!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not Tom but I am active with both the PDCKC and the KCDCC and I can assure you that the above post is totally fabricated. Tom never bullied anyone and as far as the rest of the drival it's just crap.

Tom Brophy said...

These ratings are on a 0 - 100% regarding how well Denny's views agree with different constiuency groups. He's done a really crappy job!

John Laesch has a great web site which lays out his legislative agenda. You can go to and read all about it. He has a plan for our nations security, our seniors, our veterans, health care, and education to name a few. The problem as I see it is that there are so many folks here in Kendall county who will continue to vote for Hastert without knowing anything about the man. People will vote for him because he's "the coach" and has been a lifelong member of the Kendall county community. I know retired military members who think he's great - yet he hasn't done a damn thing for them. All they know is that he's one of our own.

I want to apologize for the wordy post up-front....this is HIS voting record...not speculation or opinion...HIS VOTING choose who you want to vote for...

Right to Life groups...100%

Trust for Historic Preservation...0%
Taxpayers for common sense...50%


Leadership Conference on Civil Rights....0%
Human Rights Campaign...0%

John Birch society..25% for 2003, 0% for 2005, and 0% for 2005
Americans for Prosperity..0% (this is his own base)

Drug Policy Alliance...0%

National PTA..0%
National School Boards Assoc..0%

0% Across the board

Family Research Council..100% (promotes family and Judeo/Christian values)
Children's Defense Fund...0%

0% Across the board

American Assoc of Univeristy Women..0%
Business and Women Professionals..0%
Federally employed women..0%

90% across the board

Gun owners of American...40%
Campaign to prevent gun violence..0%

American Public Health Assoc..0%

0% Across the board

Alliance for Retired Persons..0%

0% Across the board

Disabled American Vet's..0%
The Retired Enlisted Assoc..50%

Bread for the World...50%
Partnership for the homeless..50%

Our boy Denny likes to state that as Speaker of the House he doesn't normally vote on any bill before the House. Let me state very clearly that that is all BS. He found the time for vote for EVERY anti-abortion bill before the House, found the time to vote for a bill that funds his own Legislature, but couldn't find time to vote for the Defense Authorization Bill which provides money to Military members, their families, and Veteran's. There are many, many more very important bills that came to the floor for a vote that our boy Denny also couldn't find time to vote for. All I can tell you is that Tip O'neil and even Newt Gingrich found time to vote...they didn't try to hide behind being "the Speaker" and use that to shield a poor voting record.

What else do you need to know about our boy Denny? He hasn't done crap for our district. Tell me about the schools...I see it everytime I pay my tax bill and have to wonder when he'll ever fund the no child left behind act that good ol' "W" and Denny pushed through congress. Tell me more about US 34...remember when the STATE OF ILLINOIS engineers had it so screwed up it toook forever to get finished...where was Denny there..that was a STATE problem you idiot! What has Denny done for our parks...again, I see the park improvements every time I pay my taxes..where's the federal government there. You are telling me about all of the crap that the state is responsible for ...where is all of the money Denny brought to this district. I know he's brought tons of cash to Chicago and other states...I will maintain that he's done nothing for THIS DISTRICT...I've shown you what I know...can you?

As far as the rest of you anon jerk-offs...get a grip on reality! Go get democrats elected..quit bitching and do something. TALK IS CHEAP!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Denny single handedly did all that? I wonder how all the other states function without Denny being from their states. I guess if Denny goes our roads will crumble our schools will shut down and the 14th district will sink into anarchy. Get a clue idiot, no one person makes the system work, thats why they call it a burocracy. It's time to put the fat boar to pasture and change the direction of our country before the repubs have a chance to complete their "War against humanity".

A Discontent Kendall Democrat in said...

You attribute far too much to Mr. Hastert. Not voting is, indeed, the Speaker's prerogative -- Denny is no better or worse than other speakers in this regard. But while he may not choose to vote on things that are your priorities, there's no denying that he's brought funds to the district despite his abysmal record on social issues. But at least we know what he is & what he stands for, unlike his opponent who habitually lies about everything and stands for nothing constructive. Throwing the bastards out hasn't created a unified Democratic party in Kendall or anywhere else, so I suggest that the PROGRESSIVES stand aside & let real Democrats take over -- Tom Brophy makes me ill, and his postings are a poor excuse for literacy.

jennifer hollingsworth said...

I have to agree 110% with Discontent.

Although I once thought another liberal party needed to be formed, I agree that the "progressives" are way too far to the right to govern just as the neocons are way to far to the right to govern. I do, however, assume Hastert is a neocon and Laesch a progressive. Laesch almost make a complete circle when laesch actually believes he can bring prayer back into our schools.

The too extremes agree - thats where they connect. each go es so far to their respective paths to the right or left to where they form a circle and finally touch.

I am for niether candidate. I willl either right someone in or ignore the ballot. I suggest righting in one of the other two "democratic" candidates who were running befor the primaries.

I haven't decided which I will write in.

Jennifer Hollingsworth said...

Okay... one too many beers of the bar-b-que.

make that statement above too read,
"progressives" are way to far the the LEFT to govern.

and just give me a break this time for all of the other spelling and gramtical errors.


Anonymous said...

Tom Brophy is a mouth piece the man has no morals the man has no idea what he is talking about. No one man controls the system that is true he influnces it. At least with Denny we have fighting chance. With that other guy we won't. My vote goes to Denny I was going to sit it out however my mind is made up. To the progressives go fuck yourselves and to mr brophy stick in your ass ferry. Here John Lists voting record.
Veterans 0
schools 0
homeland security 0
jobs 0
ecnomy 0
This tool has no idea what he is doing and yet we are supposed toget rid of an influential congressman for this guy. Give me a break!!!!

tom brophy testicle said...

My man will win congress on november 7th and thw world will be a better place. I will say it again you republican jerk offs have a problem. The answer to the question is my man. After he gets me that mink coat and bitch slaps Hasert. My man and I are going to Red Lobster for a meal then we are going to paint the town purple.
Talk to my hand because the rest of me is not listening.
I will say it again time is to short and my man needs to be elected. I have way to much work to do and no time to sit here and bull shit. You people can eat my shorts. My man needs some lovin and the doctor is in.

Anonymous said...

You morons are so clueless. Denny's going to retire in the next year anyway. Unless of course he is forced to resign for his poor handling of the Mr. "Alcohol made me a pedephile" Foley affair first. So no matter what happens Hastert will be gone soon and a freshman will be in his place. Might as well be sooner before the repubs fuck up up the world worse than they have already

Anonymous said...

Okay... one too many beers of the bar-b-que.

This is not an excuse for just being stupid.

It amazes me that you people can judge what the PDCKC is all about without ever stepping foot in a meeting. Pregressive is just a word in title. The members of the PDCKC have many positions and not all of them are from the extreme left. I personally would probably be considered a moderate, but that doesn't keep me from being a memeber of the PDCKC. I happen to like the people.

So all you freakshows who think that the PDCKC is a extreme left organization and have never been to meeting don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

This is post 100

Anonymous said...

100 posts...very impressive.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

An expertly crafted statement... You should be proud!

Political Insider said...


Thanks for constantly taking the bait.

If you were a trout you'de have never made it past fingerling.

Progressive is just a new word for "Didn't want to put in the hard work of party building and grinding it out, so we'll take our one idea and cram it down everyones throught even though we don't have the experience or wisdom to make it work, thus causing incredible damage to our party."

Around the country the "progressive" movement is filled with people that have VERY little experince and very little patience. If their defence I will say that they do mean well and are driven by their passion. However passion alone is not enough to win elections. Experince and "grinding it out" is also needed. When the progressive movement started taking over the party after the party put up the anti-personality canidate against bush 43 they threw the baby out with the bathwater.

Here in kendall the party is shrinking and getting more negative publicity than ever before. Libermann will probably win in Conn and countless other local parties are hurting now. If Laesch hadn't pissed off so many party people by backing a small minded overthrow by short-sighted petty people he might have garnered the support he needs to make an effective run for Denny's seat. But because he aligned himself with a progressive movement he showed the people he needed to impress that he doesn't know how to win or work with other people.

And Tom, if you say that the party was "stagnat" under the former chairman than either you don't understand basic facts or you are lying like a previous poster accuesed you of. So how many judges do you folks now have? How's the fundraising going vs previous years? How did the voter registration drive go vs previous years?

Sleep well in the knowledge that this "Progressive" movement will crumble when the local parties are forced into rebuilding mode, and the progressive leaders are seen for beeing the short-sighted people that they are.

Anonymous said...

What was the orginal train of thought here. Oh yeah the country dislikes Denny and the District hates Laesch. I will take the split Denny no longer as speaker and a democratic majority. Denny rides out his term and retires and we capture the seat in 2008 with a real candiate who knows how to govern. Does anybody have suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Here in kendall the party is shrinking and getting more negative publicity than ever before.

Do you have hard numbers for this or are you just pulling this out of your ass?

How's the fundraising going vs previous years? How did the voter registration drive go vs previous years?

Actually in both cases it has improved.

You can make up all the bullshit you want... That doesn't make it true.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy the progressives are getting their little feelgings hurt. Here are some imporant trends you will have to look at.
1] Central Committee raised less than 2500 hundred dallard this year.
2] According to the kendall county clerks office voter registration is down. estimate number of people the democrats registred 105 as opposed to over 600 2 years ago.
3]Sign and support in the county is at an all time low umber of sign placement's here in Kendall is about 185 where there was over 400 sign places in yards two years ago.
Please write back if you disagree with this trend. With 23 days until the election the local progressive party needs to pick up the pace.
Here a tip to the Laesches quit putting your signs where they do not belong you are only wasting money.
Sure sounds like allot of talk and no action. "Just like Tom Brophy's 29 percent in 2004 in his precinct.

Anonymous said...

Central Committee raised less than 2500 hundred dallard this year.

I know for a fact that this is not true.

I can't verify the rest at this moment but your credibility is already in question so I doubt the rest is true either.

No matter what, the current administration is just a nicer group of people, smarter too, than the previous administration.

My feelings arn't hurt at all. I am doing my part and don't really care what you opinion is.

Anonymous said...

What's your part taking up space in this world. Making up crap because you are a loser with no friends. Your fragile ego is being brusied because you can tell with the tone of your responses. You really need to see the world through a healther perscpective.
Keep up the good work doing nothing and thank you for doing your part of wasting yet another golden opprunity to make a differnce.
Well please return to your the sky is falling routine!!!
Thanks for helping to revive the american dream one wasted conversation after another.

a discontent kendall democrat said...

The current administration is most certainly not a nicer group of people -- to put it bluntly, they're a bunch of power-hungry, empty-headed morons with no idea how to run a political organization. I imagine the $2500 came from Jim Feeley's bank account, because I can't see who else in his/her right mind would give these idiots a dime.

Anonymous said...

Well to put it bluntly, Marty and the rest of his dead enders are gone. Deal with it. Marty and the rest of his neaderthal tribe have been fairly elected out. Ya know maybe if he was smarter or more organized or less of a mommy's boy or maybe if his sisters wern't so god awful ugly and his mother didn't need a fork lift to move from place to place people would have connected more and he might have maintained his position. But thats a lot of ifs. Speaking of his mother I thought she was on her deathbed or was that just an excuse for Marty to save face. Its better that he has moved on to his Gilbert Grape like exsistance. It suits him.

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like someone has a problem and it sure sounds like they are getting real mad.
Well once again the true vision and message of the Progressive Democrats has reared their ugly heads.

Anonymous said...

I see nothing that says that a progressive made that statement. Quit trying to spin it, asshole. As far as being ugly, it looks like both sides of that commentary were pretty rude.

Anonymous said...

This must be part of the message that will revive america. Very Karl Rove on the part of the progressives. WE salute the Progressive communists.

Topm Brophy said...

This has gotten way off point, far too personal, and extremely pointless!..

Instead of sniping at the "progressives" as you say, why don't you try to do something productive - like getting "stuff" out for the candidates. Go knock on doors, go put up signs, go pass out literature...quit bitching and DO SOMETHING.

Let's get to work.

John Crawford said...

Let me start by stating that this thread is pretty much why I don't subscribe to all the hubbub over "netroots" campaigning. There are way too many unsupervised children out there -- no one in particular -- with too much time on their hands.

Since my name has come up a number of times (thanks for the repeat plugs, Tom!) I thought it was time to chime in and log out.

My issues are now posted at and the rest of site should be fully live and wired this week. That has been my plan all along.

Please take a moment to go over them. If you agree with me that we need a better vision for Kendall County, come on out and help me with sign placements and continue to knock doors with me.

You'll find my contact information now on the contacts link at my site.

I don't care what flavor of Democrat you may be. The only thing I ask for (along with your help) is that you stick to my issues. This race is about public service, which starts at the county level.

Now let's get busy and get Democrats elected!

Tom Brophy said...

HOOAH! It can't be said better than that.

Anonymous said...

Once again Tom Brophy condones a negative counter productive message that is geared towards charactor assination, unfounded rumors, and lies. Tom you and the progressive movement need to leave poltics. Thank god there are just a few weeks before the election. On november 8th that is when the real work begins in rebuilding the entire party here in the valley. Thank you and we salute all the nothing hardwork Tom is putting in on everyones behalf.

Tom Brophy said...

Hey in the hell do you find anything negative in John Crawford's really need keep up on your meds...John Crawford is going to be elected to serve the citizens in Distric 1 of Kendall county.

You really are a troubled individual..

Ruben Diaz said...

Tom it shows that you have a reading comprehension issue. You are either blind in one eye or wouldnt know what reality is if it came up and bite you on the nose. It is trully amazing how when you stop screaming at the top of your lungs and really listen to people you may found out what is trully imporatant. You would find fault with your own shadow because it was not following your lead. You and the progressives just do not get it not will you ever get it. You are not the most important people in the world. The world does not meet you half way because people like you feel society owes them something. The truth is tom most people are more concerned with trying to keep food on the table and a roof over their head. Passion issues are over shadowed by the need to surive.
You live in your fancy house; live in a town where the schools are safe and the streets are safe to walk on. You talk about the good ole days when james dean was on the radio you had slicked back hair and drove a muscle car. We should start calling you and the progressive council Archie Bunker.
People in this country are scared because they trully do not know if they are going to have a job in the morning. Choosing between putting food on the table or having health coverage. Will I be able to make that tax payment next year; can I afford to buy those new clothes. People today are being asked to do more with less.
Do you really get the state our country is in or are you to preoccupied trying to be the token Democrat in this county. It seems the only thing that you and your friends care about is keeping up with the jones. You attack people with out cause; you attack people who do not agree with you. And you mock people even when they try to tell you the truth. Tom the progressive idea of Happy Days and sitting around Aronalds lends no creitbality to your cause.
If people truly want change then need to go to the polls and choose the most qualified person for the job.
In an America when people are trying to silence our voices; In america when the averagew is american is making less than 26,548 dallars and has no health coverage. When our resorces are being spent over seas instead of america. When civil rights and the ablity of americans are being called into question.
Tom this is the america we face today an unjust and unfair nation that caters to people like you already a wealthy white male. So please spear me the drama about how you and Laesch get the plight of the under priveldge.
If you want to change america then start talking about the issues or I assure you people in this region will vote for denny because at least he has a platform.

Anonymous said...

He has a platform, the one on his property that will overlook the prarie parkway. You can bet that Denny never has to worry about feeding his family or health care. He's all set, why would he give a fuck about you?

Anonymous said...

John Laesches family owns property that will benefit from where the highway will be going. Does that mean he doesn't give a fuck about people either. It seems that John Laesch and his family will benefit from allot of things. Is John going to publicly denounce his family because they are a large property owner here in Kendall. Are his small town values going to help people. Will we have plenty of jobs serving milkshakes and french fires to our firends wearing their varsity jackets. Well potsy and ralph try to fiqure out wether Fonzy is going to save the day.
Why trade one good ole boy for another good ole boy.
You make the call!!!

An officer and a Gentelman said...

Must be a busy day in the land of make belive. Today King Friday has proclaimed October 16th John Laesch day. The cornation will begin with a quick spin over Nigra Falls in a barrell. Then there is chasing windmills competion to see if you can get the unicorn. Then there will be a lunch in the great room where Jesus will give the blessing and the keynote speaker is Teddy Rooseevlet his speech is entilted { what a progressive patriot you can be} Then we will be taking to the streets with shoes in hand throwing them at every house that has a republican sign in the yard. After that we are meeting at the corner of yellow brick road and Mr. Rogers lane to head down the road to visit the great wizard of oz. Here John will bestowed the honor of the progressive heart.
Time is short and we are wastein time lets go out and help support john. Puff the magic dragon has just signed on to the campagin today to help john drop his literature and appear at a press confernce with barney to be held at the neiborhood of make belive court house located at the corners of seaseame st and John Laesch drive.
See You at the polls!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Laesch is a con-man. He's the worst kind of liar. I'm not buying anything he's selling.

tom brophy said...

HOOAH! It can't be said better than that

Tom Brophy said...

You've all lost your minds....I can't believe anyone thinks fat Denny even remotely knows what it's like to be a working person in this country today....Mr. Diaz, you're talking to the wrong guy.

This is good, at this rate, there will be more that 200 inane posts by the end of the week!

ruben diaz said...

I nver said working man Mr. Brophy I said under privledged. You really must have a learning disablity. I was talking about your idea of America and John Laesches vision. I don't think Denny has a clue either.All I know Tom Bunker your idea of america does not line up with what the average american is looking at.

Anonymous said...

ruben diaz - Your right, Tom's idea of America is what the ABOVE average American is looking at.

Tom Brophy said...

Thank you so much for putting me ahead of my peers...I never knew I was so "above" everyone else. Go figure, all this time I just figured I was a hard working union electrician. I never knew that made me special! I feel so much better now.

Anonymous said...

Have no fear. Kendall County will remain squarely in Republican hands.

Tom Boskas said...

Tom you seem very sensiable with a few weeks before the election our collective forces need to be untified. It is my hope that you are sincere about backing all the candiates because a divided house does not stand. With 25 percent of the vote holding out and the republicans base angred what is it that we need to do to ensure victory for democrats here in the foxvalley. This election is still wide open.

Tom Brophy said...

We need to turn out the Democratic voters. We need to make sure that all of the residents of the 14th Congressional District who are dissastisfied with "business as usual" go and vote. This works for the Federal, State, and Local levals.

Let's go get Democrats elected!

tom boskas said...

I think the tide is swinging in democratic favor. More democrats elected the better. The more work we do the better our chances. Tom I support democrats I, am not happy with the current state of the party but we can have this discussion later. Lets get some democrats elected.

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard Mr. Boskas

tom boskas said...

Thanks Steve glad to be aboard!!!

Anonymous said...


this is boring..

been there, done that, got the god-damned t-shirt.

Don Quixote lives!

tom boskas said...

I will grant you annon that John Laesch is week on substance and is a weird dude. However there are other people who need our support and vote. Tom Brophy is trying to help other people besides John Laesch. Go to the polls and vote we need change and it is time for democrats to win. Let us turn the negativity of this election and finsih on a strong postive note. If you want change this is the way to ensure victory. A Untied effort Linda Holmes and Frank Craig are working very hard lets help them.

Anonymous said...

My,my now I know what HRC stands for- Humping to get Republicans elected Clan. JL has no endorsements? you wish, John Kerry's endorsement is impressive. Foley's fanny romping has helped in this race. sorry about the boys he violated.. The state of our country needs all the democrats it can get. seems bad blood between the ex chair and the new chair is attempting to derail any ray of hope. whoever was chair, it would be the same poison. Just make everybody an honorary chairman. and what about the board candidates the old chair slated. no campaigning? were they just "fillers" as usual? that's what I thought. I know Ken from his days at Eagle. a sweet man. as for Ruben Diaz playing the race card, as in calling Brophy a rich white man. Is that a crime? you appear racist. vote democratic and it will help bring us out of this oppressive state. In reference to "idiot bait" It would not take a carrot and a lump of sugar to lead any of you on. The primary is over. and JL won. voter's choice.voter's voice. time to fold them. and Mike Barr is not a "scab". He has integrity and is informed on what is happening in the democrat party. a true democrat who doesn't hide behind an alias.are you ready for some DEMOCRATS? like it or not it's TIMBER! for the amazing water bed.former pride of the 14th District.smear tactis only work for a while. Most people have the resources to check the facts on a candidate.who ever you are, the bitterness show's this is a personal vendetta, that cannot be resolved.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Foley matter has harmed Hastert. I think that it will rally the troops to protect "their guy". Just my opinion. We'll see how it shakes out in the end.

Anonymous said...

HOOAH! It can't be said better than that

Anonymous said...

The 14th District is not popping up anywhere as a close or "heated" race. However, Dems are closing the gaps elsewhere across the country.

So that's good news...

Anonymous said...

that was some straight shooting RE: humping for the republicans, loved it!a clean cut,we're ready for dem Dems

Anonymous said...

Linda Holmes is a racist.

Anonymous said...

Bull shit linda holmes is not a racist. So shut the fuck up and stop trying to laesch people clown.

Anonymous said...

The hell she's not

Anonymous said...

Is she relate to John Holmes?

If she is, I'll vote for her!

davew said...

John Kerry? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Another Loser. Another PUSSY afraid to stand up for the dems. HE VOTED FOR THE WAR!!! He was affraid to attack Bush and defend himself!!!

John Kerry? The Biggest Loser of all.

Anonymous said...

The primary is over. and JL won. voter's choice.voter's voice. time to fold them. and Mike Barr is not a "scab". He has integrity and is informed on what is happening in the democrat party. a true democrat who doesn't hide behind an alias.are you ready for some DEMOCRATS? like it or not it's TIMBER! for the amazing.
To the poser democrat who posted this. Must be nice in the neiborhood of make beilve. Tom Brophy is a passionate man ok where I am from we call that psycho.
Mike Barr is an informed democrat ok he is a scab who tells people he lives in Kendall County but lives over at hessed house because nobody want's him around. Where I am from we call that homeless.
To you your opinion means about as much to people as a John Laesch victory in November.
Simple the primary is over your should have enjoyed your small victory because the rest of the party is through with you guys and like the old song says Good bye and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Anonymous said...

Me so horney..

Me love you long time..

ann said...

An empty victory if laesch to boozing wife woman beater is elected. he'll be elected, not on the issues but rather because rahm emanuel is a scumbag and has manipullated the truth. 'just ask jim feeler. he know's.

As a Dem. I'm disgusted by the politics of the "progressives". They are NO better than the neocons. I'll fight to my death to keep the extreemists like laesch out of politics,

Anonymous said...

let's see -- a miscreant who beats up strippers and a state senate candidate who would rather cross the street than shop with Mexicans-- any other skeletons in the closet voters should know about?

Anonymous said...

jim feelinbig, doesn't know crap from shinola! he's anybody's dog that will hunt with him. and the kd's won't get even, they'll get ahead!what goes up must come down.

Anonymous said...

I came across this blog by accident, after recent guests spent a few days with us and it popped up as recent places visited. I have read the above comments,it seems to be vented at the Flowers family. Such cruel remarks about a very nice family. it's uncalled for. You cannot find success or happiness at the expense and misery of others. looks to me some dirty tactics were used to take control. why couldn't everybody have worked together? they are the ones who breathed life into the kendall co. Democrats. Such arrogance will not pay off in the long run. What a little so called power will do is disgusting. When you come back down to the planet Earth and trust me you will after the election, I hope you land in a thorn garden.The thorns will help deflate that ego. MaryFlowers has and still is ungergoing a trying time with health issues. What kind of a human being would verbally attack, or doubt her health problems,,,? Again, I find this disgusting. You will reap what you sow. The vulgar language indicates limited intelligence. I have never heard that family use such grammar. They know how to express themselves with a decent vocabulary. The word is class.

Anonymous said...

The word is ASS!

Anonymous said...

I dont know the people you speak of, but I have heard them talked about. From life experiances people tend to attack out of ignorance and fear. Its a shame to bring peoples lives in to politics when family and health should be top priority in everyones lives. I say prayers for all of those who think this is the way to respond to someones health issues and I say a prayer for those with health issues.Cant we all just get along?