Tuesday, August 15, 2006

And Now! Will The Real... HRC... Please... Stand UP!

Ah, the sweet voice of the loveable Johnny Olson of the original "To Tell The Truth" game show of the '50s and '60s.

You know things are bad for John Laesch when he's getting whacked over the head by Rich Miller, a respected journalist and author of The Capitol Fax Blog, with a headline like "John Laesh Is A Jerk."

Time for the boy to pack up his bags and go back to the dairy business in Bloomington. OOPS! Can't do that. Jim Oberweis's dairy operation owns it now. And no one in Mclean County wants to have anything to do with him, either.

Factoid, Jetsons. Factoid.

The words "Monolithic Stupidity" keep swirling around in my head as I laugh my ass off.

Mr. Laesch: Loose the Cannons of the Decks of the SS Accountability! Huzzah!!

Maybe some of his female friends at the Kappa Kabana outside El Paso, Illinois will take him in. If there are any friends left.

Ironically, you know, Kappa is south of El Paso. Not the sort of place you'd expect Young Laesch to want to associate with. South of El Paso. Get it?

Maybe the noted Mr. Miller or my good old friend Bill Dennis, a Peoria area journalist of many years, would like to sort of scope out the situation at the Kabana and ask some questions about a grey-eyed, beautiful Latino girl who worked there a few years back.

Oh! And don't forget about Big Al's in Peoria. Or check up with local police reports and with club bouncers on a series of incidents at clubs in Creve Coeur and East Peoria.

No slander here. Just raw, honest doses of reality. For a smart-mouth kid who needs to get some help.

Ahhhhh. Goodness! I'm sleepy.


Anonymous said...

John Laesh is a very respected military intelligence officer. His powers of research are very powerful, I would be concerned if I were you.

He told me he has access to that secret military program called "Carnivore".

Rich Miller is a political hack that no one respects.

If I were you, I would call John and beg forgiveness.

Fricking Psychopaths said...

Wow Threats, That tells you how far they are gone...

Kankakee Voice said...

Every once in a while there is justice. This young man, confused and dysfunctional as he is, does indeed need to get some help. And his supporters need to ask the tough questions others are asking, like how hard is he working on raising money, how does he spend his time, and the hard working cash of his campaign donors? Why do so many alarm bells go off by people who have no stake in the outcome of this race, quite the contrary, we would LOVE to see Dennis Hastert's ass booted out the door in November.

Once again HRC, you have been proven a credible source of info.

my left nut said...
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luke walker said...

Outing another Lieberman Supporter, HRC | 22 comments | Post A Comment

You have no idea what you are talking about. n/t (0.00 / 0)

Omnes vulnerant, postuma necat


by: unagidon @ Mon Aug 14, 2006 at 20:17:47 PM CDT
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oh yeah here you go Nobody knows that this guy is a tool.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit!!! Is this whole stripper thing true, or just rumors? Please HRC...give us the straight dope.

sewardstan said...

John Laesch only tryed to help a fellow democrat see the light. John Laesch is one of the great americans. As far as him beating this latest scandal John will rise above it. After speaking with him last night he is strong spirts and is ready to fight for you. John Laesch also would like to send along his prayers because he is profoundly sad that so many people are unhappy. Being a good citzen is John's top priority. As far as outting Mr. Blackman then so be it being a good citzen means telling the truth that is what John did. Take a moment and look into his record a public fiqure from his days with the 4h club,captain of his soccer team, miltary officer, party leader, active in his church, and great american. These are the qualties we need in our next congressman. Lets wipe the slate clean together and get rid of Denny Hasert John is the path to a majority for progressive democrats. Our message is clear when we must challenge then we will challenge and we are strong in our rights as progressive patriots. We are a band of brothers in a common cause called our freedomn. John is our captain and hope is our mission. We will not retreat and we will not surrender we are going to take that hill and in november john will be standing on top.

Anonymous said...

I think both the theories are true: Miller is a political hack who thinks he owns Illinois blogging and censors many liberal bloggers and supports many republicans and Laesch is a jerk.

In the Army said...

While we're on the truth, John Laesch was never a military intelligence officer.

Political Insider said...

Mr Last Boy Scout is just a kid who wants to think that he is important. Unfortunately he now belives that he is important. So much so that the money he was given to help with his upcoming wedding and to help them buy a house so he doesn't have to live with his parents is now gone into a lost campaign.

His money flow has now been cut-off and all elected Democrats (outside of Kendall County) will no longer return his calls.

Poor, poor John.

As far as his little temper issue goes, you can bet that if John manages to get back on his feet somehow, Denny will make sure that those incidents are front page news in every paper in the 14th.

It's just a real shame that the Kendall County Democratic Party was hijacked by his little band of clowns. If I were one of them, I would spend every waking moment distancing myself from the SS Please-don't-take-me-down-with-you.

JackRyan said...

I gotta say - all of that bullshit about JL's coat tails is nothing more than BULLSHIT. I don't know who's writing it, but it ain't commin' from the Laesch campaign. Also - as far as the "Leader Birch" shit goes - SAME - SAME. I only wish that whoever you are - you obviously have a problem with the fact that there is a new Democratic Party Chairman in Kendall County. GET THE FUCK OVER IT! Tom is a force and we are lucky to have him!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the truth or whatever lies in the closet can be tied to this website:
look for "Court Systems", click here;
click: "Public Access";
"Search by name or case #",
enter last name: "Laesch",
enter first initial letter: "J";

What does "closed" case mean?

What does Case "#2005TR007050, March 28, 2005" and "#2002TR004043, February 13, 2005" mean?

Why does January 29, 1974 sound like someone's birthday?

What does this all mean?

Anonymous said...

"Abraham Lincoln, I don’t know if you know this, he didn’t do it (free slaves) for the right reasons- social justice- he just did it because so many white people were out of work"
{John Laesch}
Nice to know that so many socially responseable people are sporting this man.

Anonymous said...

I checked the records in McLean and he was ticketed for speeding. Where's the proof of real wrongdoing?????????

Anonymous said...

Yeah he was fleeing from the police to avoid capture!! Sherlock

Been There, Done That said...

Speeding and perhaps having a record expunged?

Once you have completed whatever sentance you recieve for any offence you may petition the court to have your record expunged. Often a judge will grant it if sufficient time has elapsed, or if the offence was one committed in early adulthood.

If that happens, the only record would be a case number and a "closed" status. Then again, that would be the same for a traffic ticket that was paid.

The only way to tell would to get a copy of his driving record and match any tickets to the court docket.

But since the canidate-from-hell has been mute on quelling these rumors, don't expect him to release this info anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

you can request a public record of his drivers abstract through the secretary of state's office.

Anonymous said...

The Guy is DOA lets get democrats elected.

Anonymous said...

You're looking in he wrong county. Peoria and Creve Coeur aren't in Mclean. And yes, the record was expunged...it doesn't mean he wasn't guilty though.